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Understanding ‘Website Going Live’

The anticipation of “Website Going Live” is completely understandable, but it’s essential to demystify the concept. Contrary to common belief, launching your website doesn’t mean an instantaneous, full-scale exposure to the public eye. In reality, it marks the beginning of your website journey, with the potential for ongoing improvements and adjustments.

Placing excessive importance on the “Website Going Live” moment can inadvertently lead to delays in the website build and launch process. It’s crucial to recognise that post-launch is when the real work begins. Marketing efforts, fine-tuning layouts, adjusting content, and optimising various elements are ongoing tasks that follow the launch. We cannot initiate comprehensive marketing until the website is live but the advantage lies in the ability to refine and evolve your online presence even after the initial launch. By understanding the continuous nature of website development, we can collectively ensure a smoother journey towards a successful and dynamic online presence.

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