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I think the team is fantastic. You guys have worked with me to really solve all the tiniest problems. I gave you guys a great challenge and you really overcame it.
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Property Conservation Services are a property maintenance company specialising in dealing with a range of issues including damp problems, damp proofing, dry and wet rot, basement waterproofing, woodworm infestations and more. They first approached us in early 2021 after their Yell website was failing to generate much traffic, meaning few people were getting in touch and arranging a free survey. This meant that the company was struggling to achieve it’s business goal. This was still the case even after property conservation spent a large amount of money on Yell’s digital marketing services including paid advertising.

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PPC & SEO for the Property Maintenance Industry

The new website for Property Conservation Services went live in April 2021 and it was at this point we started monthly Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google Ads. Here we create compelling adverts where potential customers click through to the website and take action which we have set up tracking for. The results have been fantastic over the 9 months we have been managing their PPC campaigns.

To complement the paid advertising we also complete monthly Search Engine Optimisation for Property Conservation Services. During the website build, a crucial stage was to conduct keyword research to discover what potential customers were searching for in relation to the services Property Conservation offers. This was a key part of long term SEO strategy and has helped more organic traffic find their website and importantly take action and arrange a free survey. Since going live, we have seen a jump of 778 places in the Google rankings of keywords related to the services Property Conservation offer, and a steady stream of organic (free) leads to complement the PPC.

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I love the website, I’m so happy with the way you guys [Click Return] worked with me to get all of the specific needs for me. I’ve had a lot of people saying to me that it looks really professional, and it makes me look really professional as a dressmaker. People are actively using the website, which is something I didn’t get on my previous website.

To me, it’s more than just a website, because you guys you’re not just building a website for me, you’re helping me build my brand. It’s the advice, it’s the marketing, and it’s really teaching me how to grow and how to become a better business. And with that, I’m getting so much more than a website, I’m getting absolutely invaluable advice alongside it.

I think the team is fantastic. You guys have worked with me to really solve all the tiniest problems. I gave you guys a great challenge and you really overcame it. Genuinely, if anyone is on the fence just book a consultation with Brad, and have a chat because it’s so worth it.
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