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Increased sales from expanded ads

Size matters with Google’s expanded ads

In the summer, we told you about how Google were changing their Pay-Per-Click ads when they finally launched their highly anticipated expanded ads. PDF download: Changes-to-Google-Adwords-text-advert-format

It’s been over two months now since the larger PPC ads came into force and since we updated our PPC customers’ adverts to ensure they were getting the most out of the new format which took time as we became familiar with the changes ourselves. We have begun to look at the new adverts and compare them to how the old adverts performed and so far, the results have been positive. We have seen:

  • 4% increase in Click Through Rate

  • 4% less going to a competitor’s site

  • 4% more sales

As you can see, the new format has been an effective change for our customers and we are confident that these improved performances will only continue.

If you think your business could benefit from our advice on your PPC campaign, or if you want to see an increase in your business sales through PPC, then get in touch with Click Return today.