About Us

Website search engine marketing services – online marketing consultancy

Website build: making it pay, making it easy

Click Return builds websites with two priorities in mind: making it pay (return on investment) and making it easy for clients. A website is a collection of web pages of text, images and meta tags (coding to help customers find you).

Web development, or web design, starts with the customer’s business goals and marketing objectives. The structure will depend on the keyphrases used by internet users to search for a product or service. It is a competitive environment.

Web design with Click Return

Three things to know about us:

  1.  we are specialists in website analysis, online promotion, website design, hosting and domain name registration and email marketing
  2.  we only sell products our customers need, providing positive results so customers want to work with us again
  3.  we tailor our services to an individual’s needs and we deliver this in a user friendly format

Our web build process

This has two parts: web preparation and build

Web preparation:

  1.  investigation – identifying your goals, priorities, needs, expectations
  2.  web map – drawing up a web map: pages and sub-pages for each area of the business
  3.  keyword analysis – list building and checking for unique or low word use
  4.  keyword agreement – after testing, using Google Analytics, choosing the best
  5.  concept layouts – three for customer, selection of one
  6.  page layout – proposed artwork, graphics, images
  7.  page layout proof 1 – customer requests, changes
  8.  page layout proof 2 – customer sign off
  9.  content planning – reviewing existing material, creating new content where needed
  10.  copywriting – editing existing material for web reading, writing new content for SEO
  11.  content draft 1 — customer text amends
  12.  content draft 2 — customer sign off

Web build:

  1.  pages – using signed-off artwork, graphics, images and content
  2.  web testing – loading, speed, links, meta tags
  3.  web proof 1 – customer final amends
  4.  web proof 2 – customer sign off
  5.  web upload

Our mission

To provide websites, training and online marketing solutions, only where needed or a return on investment is possible

Our services

  •  website design and build
  •  website analytics
  •  online marketing
  •  training

Our team

Bradley Bishop

With an arts degree, Bradley has developed a 20-year career in the creative industry, specialising in web marketing. His special interest is web analysis and performance, and getting clients a return on their web investment. He was director and co-owner of Innermedia and Areatrade, prior to which he was a graphic designer and prepress artworker for a printing company.

Suzy Bishop

Suzy has a professional background in the people care sector, and uses her skills, natural empathy and considerable organisational skills to manage the office and projects and to support clients.

Professional associates

Click Return uses a carefully selected creative team with expertise and substantial experience in some of the components of the web design, build and training.