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What Are Conversions?

What are Conversions – When embarking on a digital marketing crusade, the goal for most companies is to increase their profit by increasing the number of sales and enquiries.
We can track this through the websites as purchases, phone calls, enquiries etc. These are all known as conversions!

Since our inception, ClickReturn has helped achieve over 250,000 Conversions for clients



10,000 Conversions in the last 30 days!

The term conversion is used extensively in marketing, but what does it actually mean?


Well to put it simply, a conversion is achieved when somebody visits your site and takes an action that YOU care about. As previously mentioned, It can actually be a number of things and largely depends on the goals of a business. Conversions are associated with the following actions:


  • Completing a purchase 


  • Filling out a form on your site – e.g. subscribing to a newsletter


  • Phoning up and making an enquiry – e.g. asking for a quote


As mentioned at the start of this blog post, website conversions can be easily tracked through Google Analytics and Google Ads, and these platforms can really help drive your digital marketing efforts and allow you to be proactive with your decision making.


At ClickReturn, we have been helping our clients receive a return on their investment and drive conversions through: effective website design and build, efficient online advertising (PPC) and increasing organic traffic to your website through effective SEO.


As you can see, the figures speak for themselves!


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