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The importance of an online thank you page

One thing on your website that should not be forgotten is your thank you page. We should never underestimate the power of a A thank you page is vital on a websitesimple “thank you” – those two words can give someone a huge impression of you, it’s simply good manners and it is often remembered if it is not said. Whether we are paying for something in a shop, leaving a taxi, have walked through a door held open for us or simply acknowledging a compliment , we automatically want to thank the person and we have had that etiquette drummed into us from a young age.

The same manners should be used when someone has tried to contact you through your website – whether they have filled in an enquiry form or requested a brochure of your products. Not only does a thank you page give you the chance to show your customers that you appreciate the time they have taken to get in touch with you, but it also gives you the opportunity to keep them on your site for longer and possibly sell more to them through links to other page on your site and also including your social media links.

What should a good thank you page include?

  • Change the URL – so your customers know that their query has been received;
  • “THANK YOU” – ensure your customers can see that you are saying thank you;
  • Let your customers know when they can expect to hear from you;
  • Include links to other areas of the site you think they may be interested in;
  • Make sure they can see your phone number should they need to get in touch another way;
  • Give them other ways of seeing what you do = social media links;


Include social media links on your thank you page

Below are a list of examples of some excellent thank you pages to inspire you…

Routemaster Hire

Henry Gates Security Systems


Hill Upholstery & Design