Influencer Marketing 2024

The 12 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Brands in 2024

Influencer marketing is well worth the investment in 2024

Case in point: The Influencer Marketing industry is expected to reach a value of $22.2B in 2025.

But sourcing the right influencers, managing campaigns, and tackling tedious tasks requires a little help — especially if you’re looking to scale your business.

Luckily, there are plenty of influencer marketing platforms on the market to help you create impactful campaigns that’ll boost your ROI — and we’re sharing 12 of the best ones.

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

An influencer marketing platform is software designed to help brands connect with the right influencers, streamline campaign management, and create lead-driven, targeted campaigns.

These platforms handle partnerships from start to finish — making them a major plus for businesses looking to scale and boost their marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing software might include features like:

  • Influencer databases and search tools that make it easy to find brand-aligned creators
  • Campaign management tools to automate and simplify influencer partnerships
  • Analytics tools that track and measure campaign performance

The Best Influencer Platforms in 2024

From finding influencer partners to analysing campaign results, here are the 12 best influencer platforms in 2024:

1. Later Influence™
2. Shopify Collabs
3. Grin
4. Captiv8
5. Fohr
6. Upfluence
7. CreatorIQ
8. Aspire
10. LTK (Formerly rewardStyle)
11. Insense
12. Meltwater

#1: Later Influence™

We couldn’t kick off this list without mentioning Later Influence, because influencer marketing for notable brands is what we do best.

There’s a reason top names like Walgreens, American Greetings, and KiwiCo choose Later Influence. With a database of 10M+ influencers, streamlined influencer discovery, and the ability to execute campaigns from start to finish — our solutions are tough to beat.

Our Services team has a seriously impressive track record of creating winning influencer strategies that lead to real ROI, making us perfect for brands new to influencer marketing — or just want an expert on their side.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined influencer discovery with AI
  • Built-in creator identification and authentication
  • Automated outreach and communication
  • Robust tracking and analytics tools
  • Repurpose creator content across eCommerce sites
  • An expert services team to plan and manage campaigns with you
  • Official TikTok marketing partner
  • Easily calculate ROI & earned media value

Later Influencer Marketing Website#2:Shopify Collabs

Free to all Shopify customers, Shopify Collabs lets brands access a pool of influencers, and gives influencers the ability to work with their favorite brands.

Shopify Collabs makes it simple for people already using the platform to integrate influencer marketing into their strategy. Plus, affiliate links provide an easy way for creators to profit from promoting products.

Key Features:

  • Built-in affiliate marketing software
  • Integrated Shopify store flow
  • Campaign analytics
  • Product seeding
  • Custom collab application pages
  • Automatic creator commissions
Shopify Influencer Sales Marketing Website


Packed with a wide range of tools to power your campaigns, Grin is an influencer platform for large teams who are serious about eCommerce influencer marketing.

However, Grin is one of the higher-priced influencer marketing platforms, so without a big budget — it’s best to explore other options.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Influencer scoring system
  • Campaign analytics
  • Product seeding
  • Content management
  • Payment management

Grin Content Management Influencer Marketing Website#4:Captiv8

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform backed by AI, Captiv8 is a great option. Think features like matching technology that finds creators for your brand and AI and machine-learning data generation.

It’s perfect for smaller teams who lack the resources for hands-on influencer management.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Predictive and campaign analytics
  • Influencer metrics
  • Content management
  • Payment management

Captiv8 Influencer Marketing Website#5:Fohr

For those interested in an influencer marketing platform with agency offerings, Fohr is a popular choice.

All creators are vetted for quality in advance, and they’ve worked with companies like Urban Decay and Supergoop.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Real human help
  • Technology and agency
  • Verified influencers
  • Influencer metrics
  • Campaign analytics and reporting
  • Content management

Fohr Marketing for Influenceres#6:Upfluence

Another AI-powered influencer marketing platform is Upfluence.

It’s one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms on the market, with integrations featuring eCommerce platforms, email marketing services, and CRMs.

If you’re looking for an option that connects to your existing martech stack, this platform could be your pick.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Workflow and creator outreach powered by ChatGPT
  • Built-in affiliate marketing
  • Campaign analytics
  • Influencer metrics
  • Influencer payments
  • Payment management

Upfluence Website Influencer Marketing#7:Tapfiliate

While mainly an affiliate marketing solution, Tapfiliate’s platform is increasingly being used to manage influencer marketing relationships.

So, if product referrals are top-of-mind for your brand and you’re thinking about investing in influencer marketing in the future, Tapfiliate is your potential match.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Coupon code generator
  • Automated workflows
  • Available in multiple languages
  • In-house affiliate marketing and referral marketing
  • Campaign analytics
  • Flexible commissions

Tapfiliate Marketing Website#8:Aspire

Also known as, Aspire helps brands quickly identify top-performing influencers in their niche to optimize partnerships.

You can even search via images to find creators who already match your brand’s aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Influencer metrics
  • Image search tool
  • Campaign analytics and reporting
  • Content management

Aspire Website#9:Creator.Co

Formerly called ShopandShout, is a dual platform for influencers and influencer marketing managers.

Whether you’re brand new to the biz or want to supercharge an existing affiliate program, has affiliate programs and payment plans that work for brands small and large.

Key Features:

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Collaboration hub
  • Built-in affiliate marketing
  • Real human help
  • Influencer metrics
  • Campaign analytics and reporting
  • Content management Marketing Website#10: LTK (Formerly rewardStyle)

Also known as, LTK originally launched as a linking platform for influencers to share product and affiliate links with their community.

Now, they’ve grown and rebranded to a full-fledged affiliate marketing platform to help brands and creators get the most out of their partnerships.

If you’re thinking about launching an affiliate marketing program and have the budget, voila.

Key Features:

  • Access to exclusive, invite-only influencer list
  • In-house affiliate marketing
  • Influencer metrics
  • Audience analytics
  • Sales data

LTK Website#11: Insense

If you’re looking to generate a library of shareable content, Insense’s influencer marketing platform might be for you.

With paid media integrations and an in-house services team, Insense makes boosting UGC a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Creator marketplace with 20K+ creators
  • Creative brief generator
  • Real human help (at an additional cost)
  • Influencer chat feature
  • Campaign management
  • Automated payments
  • Paid media integrations

Incense Paid Social Media#12: Meltwater

In March 2024, influencer marketing platform Klear officially became a part of the social listening and media intelligence tool Meltwater.

So, if you want to scale your influencer marketing while keeping a pulse on brand sentiment, Meltwater’s got you.

Key Features:

  • Influencer search tool
  • Influencer analytics to help vet potential partners
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Campaign management
  • Measurement and reporting tools

MeltwaterWhich influencer marketing platform is best for you?

Spoiler: Later Influence is our top pick for the best influencer marketing platform in 2024.

Why? Backed by real humans (not robots) to help find creators that match your enterprise brand, going all-in with Later’s influencer marketing solutions is a no-brainer.

Whether you’re looking to launch an ambassador program or partner with the right Micro influencers in your niche for a killer campaign, we’ve got you covered.

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