Window-Wise Trade

Window-Wise Trade

What customer says?

Window-Wise Trade came to Click Return with a website that was unfinished and not attracting any customers and frankly didn’t represent us as a company at all. After commissioning a website with Click Return and setting a really tight deadline as we were appearing at the Ideal Home Exhibition we were thrilled with the results, plus we got the website on time! We are now getting regular enquiries at least 4 per week, whereas on our previous website we would only get one every few months. These conversions have a higher conversion rate. Our customers know more about what they are buying so they ask for the right things. This makes quoting them much quicker.


Case study


Window-Wise Trade window and door manufacturing company required a complete rebuild of their website. It was not set up to be able to convert visitors to customers. In fact with no SEO and no advertising on any level, a PPC campaign was suggested to get the ball rolling for them with Analytics installed to provide us with a steady stream of information about their customers and how and what they wanted to buy.

Over a 6 month period Window-Wise Trade have had many more business enquiries, they have found it easier and quicker to quote their new customers and there has been a higher conversion rate as a result because their visitors are already convinced about the quality of their products.


We love the stats!

  • Organic website traffic increased from 41 customers per month to 300 per month
    = increase of 731%
  • Number of enquiries from the website before we redeveloped the website
    = 6 over 6 month period.
    After the website went live along with an active PPC advertising campaign
    = 56 website forms of which 49 were email & phone enquiries and a total of 105 enquiries.
    = increase of 1750%
  • 51% of all new enquiries are coming from Google adwords.
  • 49% of all new enquiries are coming from the organic search engine listing.

How did we achieve the above results?

  1. Design and build new website.
  2. Search engine optimised website during build process.
  3. Started Pay Per Click Advertising on the highest profit keywords.
  4. Reviewed enquiries received and improved enquiry form with bespoke guides on how to order your windows and doors.

For information on Search Engine Optimisation contact Search Engine Optimisation Consultants.
For information on PPC contact us for google pay-per-click advertising.
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