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Henry Gates Security Systems

What customer says?

Our website was old and needed updating. We were getting business from it as we had PPC Advertising running on it but when we looked at the potential of more business if we updated the website it was a no-brainer! They also reviewed our PPC campaign and helped us realise the potential should we have them set it up better. We were wasting a lot of our advertising budget it seems on searches that just weren’t relevant because the set up wasn’t thorough enough to make it really relevant.
I’m very pleased with the work they did and continue to do for us, they really know what they are doing!


Case study

PPC Advertising Click ReturnHenry Gates were used to us delivering PPC Advertising business for them, and it was vital that the new website continued to do so. We did not fail on this, and the statistics speak for themselves: organic traffic rose by a staggering 101% in the first 12 months the site went live, showing the impact a well optimised site can have. The bounce rate was also reduced by 46.5%. As mentioned, one of the reasons for the new site was to make it more mobile-friendly, and, again in the 12 months since it went live, mobile traffic grew by 83% and the mobile bounce rate reduced by 21.2%.

Not only did we create a site that did exactly what they needed it to, we also began providing monthly blog posts to ensure that there was always new content added to the site. This has helped increase the organic traffic to their site.

More recently, we have organised remarketing for Henry Gates Security Systems – this is where customers who don’t convert when they visit the website the first time are “followed” by Henry Gates Security Services PPC Advertising which will appear on other websites a customer goes to. This is financially beneficial as the cost of a conversion in remarketing can be as low as 30% of the original cost.

Companies should never underestimate the value of a good review. We set up a testimonials page for the site so that Henry Gates’ customers could let others know of the good service they have received. The testimonials build trust with future customers and could be the extra push one needs to use your services.