Expanded PPC Ads

Google Launch Expanded PPC Ads

Google launch expanded PPC ads


Last week (Tuesday 26th July) saw some exciting changes to Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, with their highly anticipated expanded ads finally being launched. Revealed in the spring, advertisers have been anxiously awaiting the launch from Google to see what it will mean to businesses and to begin to evaluate the best way of utilising the larger ads.

What do the expanded PPC ads include?

Previously, PPC ads included a Headline with 25 characters, Description 1 and Description 2, both with 35 characters each so every ad had 95 characters available to get their message across.

Now, the ads include two Headlines consisting of 30 characters each and a much larger Description of 80 characters, providing advertisers with 45 more characters to use.

With the URL displayed on an the ad, two additional fields of 15 characters each can be used, reassuring users that clicking on it will take them to a specific landing page relevant to what they were searching for, potentially increasing an ad’s click through rate (CTR).

Has anything else changed?

PPC adverts now need to be written for all devices – smart phones, tables, laptops – and the ad will display automatically based on the device the user is using. Due to this, it is important that ads are written so that any call to action included makes sense whatever device the user is accessing the ad from.

Initial reports suggest that when Google’s new expanded PPC ads are written well, it could see a large increase in the click through rate (CTR) for an advert. With the changes, it will be a case of seeing what works and doesn’t work and tweaking ads until you find what works. Using keywords in these additional fields will also improve your ads quality score, ultimately reducing your cost per click (CPC).

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