Bing Exam Certificate Click Return

Bing Exam Pass For Click Return

Bing exam pass for Click Return

The team at Click Return never stop learning, keeping ahead of the game to give you the best service you could want. Director, Brad Bishop demonstrated this yesterday when he took and passed a Bing exam.

Brad passed his Bing certification exam to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, which means when you use Click Return for your Bing advertising, you will be getting even more froClick Return Director, Bradley Bishop, passed his Bing exam yesterdaym your marketing budget.

To pass the Bing exam, Brad had to master both the basics and advanced features of Bing, showing that he understood how Bing Ads work, including how to optimise Bing ad campaigns proficiently, keyword match options, as well as Ad extensions and Product Ads. The exam contains 100 questions and he had to get 80% to pass and gain his accreditation.

Bing is the search engine owned and operated by Microsoft and it has replaced the company’s previous search engines, MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.

Brad now holds a Bing Ads Accredited Professional status for one year, when he will need to sit the exam again.

Yesterday also saw Brad take another Google accreditation exam where he demonstrated expertise in search advertising, proving his impressive search ad skills. As with Bing, to keep your Google accreditation, you must resit your exam every year.