Google Mobile Friendly Website Design

Googles Mobile Friendly Update is Here….

Google-Mobile-Friendly-TestToday Google updates their search results to favour “Mobile Friendly” websites more.

Why are Google favouring “Mobile Friendly” more?

Put simply, we are all using our phones and tablets to search more. So Google it trying to help us find websites that will work well when we use them on these devices.



How do I know if my website is “Mobile Friendly”?

Google have provided a simple tool so you can test your website.
Just search for “google mobile friendly tool” or goto:


What should i do if my website fails the test?

You should contact your website designer and discuss ways that your website should be made mobile friendly.

How urgent is it to update my website?

Firstly you should get an understanding of how many visitors to your website use mobile devices. You can get this information from your Google analytics report by adding a mobile device segment. This will show you how many of your website users are on a mobile device.

But bare in mind if your website is not already “mobile friendly” this will be effecting how many visitors you get from mobiles already.