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Improve Online Business Visibility on Google SERPs

It is exciting to launch an online business. An online business gives you the freedom to set your own work schedule. You might even become financially secure. And you will become your own boss, so you will never have to work for someone else again.

However, it is difficult to stand out on the internet because of the stiff online business competition. If you have a great idea and you know there is a demand for your product, you may decide to build a professional online business website. Once your website is live, you do not get any traffic. If you are not getting traffic, you will never make money. Here is why answering your audience’s questions is important.

How do you get new customers? Increase the ranking of your website. You can use these four proven strategies to increase your website’s Google rankings and generate free traffic to your website.

A Link Building Strategy

What are backlinks? They are links from other websites pointing to your website. Webmasters usually link to websites they like. Therefore, backlinks can help you build trust since they are a vote of trust from other webmasters.

In fact, backlinks are one of the search engine ranking factors. Start building links to your website as soon as possible. This is because it takes months for Google to rank new websites. Build links early to reap the benefits.However, you need to focus on building quality backlinks. Do not just focus on quantity. Your website can rank quickly if you get a single link from an authoritative website than getting thousands of backlinks from small websites.

How do you build backlinks? You can partner with popular bloggers in your niche or send a pitch to editors of the major news and magazine sites.It takes time to build quality backlinks. If you get your backlinks unnaturally, your website may get penalized. You must do the work to generate quality backlinks.

Increase Your Online Business Website Speed

If your website takes a long time to load, you will lose most of your website visitors. A lot of people do not wait for several seconds for a website to load. If your website takes time to load, you will lose your search engine rankings. If your website does not load in seconds, it can negatively impact the customer experience. Therefore, you will have more unhappy customers and you will lose potential customers.

Increasing your website speed increases your dwell time. You can use different tools, such as Pingdom, to test the speed of your website. Once you get the report from these tools, use the report to make the necessary changes and improve the speed of your website.

Update Your Online Business Website Frequently

If you have a blog, you need to update your blog regularly. Google wants to rank active websites, so updating your website shows Google your website is active.You do not even have to launch new products regularly. You can regularly upload new blog posts to your blog. Updating your blog regularly increases the search engine rankings of your blog in the long run. In fact, more people will come back to your blog to read your new blog posts.

Optimise For Long-Tail Keywords

It is hard for new websites to rank for the popular keywords. Therefore, you need to start by searching for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are phrases with over three words. It is easy for new websites to rank for these keywords.

However, it takes time to find long-tail keywords. The work is worth it in the end. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to search for relevant keywords and check the competition for these keywords. You need to target low competition keywords to increase the chance of getting traffic from Google.

Here are some of the things you need to look for:

  • Keywords
  • Competition
  • Monthly searches

Once you find the best keywords for your website pages and products, add these keywords to the appropriate web pages on your website. Google will know what your web pages are about based on your target keyword. Therefore, you will get targeted traffic from Google. These are the people who know what they are looking for. And they are interested in your products.

Social Media

Having a solid social media strategy will help in Google. Having well-optimised profiles can really help with brand searches on Google. Of course, a strong Instagram profile in itself can be a great help too.
One great way to start this is to buy Instagram likes to entice others to like your Instagram. This gives it the initial momentum that can be very beneficial to the site further down the line and will aid your business

All of the above will help your efforts on Google and help you win more custom and business.

The original version of this article was originally published on Influencive by Matthew Thomas.

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