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Henry Gates Security Systems Testimonial

What customer says?

Our website was old and needed updating. We were getting business from it as we had PPC advertising running on it but when we looked at the potential of more business if we updated the website it was a no-brainer! They also reviewed our PPC campaign and helped us realise the potential should we have them set it up better. We were wasting a lot of our advertising budget it seems on searches that just weren’t relevant because the set up wasn’t thorough enough to make it really relevant.
I’m very pleased with the work they did and continue to do for us, they really know what they are doing!



Henry Gates Security logoHenry Gates Security is a family run business with a well-established client base and great reputation in their field. Their website did not reflect this adequately and needed updating. They also had a PPC campaign set up and running that needed attention as it was not getting the best out of their advertising budget.

We were able to provide them with analysis to show how their campaigns could be improved, giving a tighter rein on the budget, reducing wasted spend, and providing a higher quality visitor, more likely to convert. In a 12 month period they saw great improvements in their website performance:

  • Increase in new business enquiries by over 400%.
  • Conversion rate has increased from 20% to 30%.

We love the stats!

  • Organic website traffic increased from 80 enquiries per month to 185 enquiries per month
    = increase of 231%
  • Number of enquiries from the old website
    = 21 over 6 months and after new website went live
    = 96 website forms which equates to an increase of 457% increase of website enquiries.
  • Conversion rate has increased from 20% to 30% with new website.
  • 61% of all new enquiries are coming Google adwords.
  • 39% of all new enquiries are coming the organic search engine listing.

How did we achieve the above results:

  1. Refined existing PPC advertising.
  2. Design and build new website.
  3. Search engine optimised website during build process.
  4. Blogging with in-house copywriters
  5. Ongoing SEO.
  6. Remarketing campaign to convert as many site visitors as possible.