End of an era for Yellow Pages

End of an era as printing ceases for Yellow Pages

In a historic move, it has been announced that the iconic Yellow Pages will stop being printed in January 2019. The instantly recognisable directory End of an era for Yellow Pages - Click Returnhas gradually shrunk in size over the years due to the increase in online advertising and customers choosing to use Google and other search engines in their hunt for a plumber/decorator/car garage etc or, more recently, using social media to ask friends for recommendations.

Advertisers are understanding more and more about the value of getting in front of their customers online, and on every device – from PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones – and the ease of this for customers means the printed edition of the directory slowly became outdated.

Businesses have many options when it comes to online advertising, from Pay Per Click (PPC ads), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media integration, email marketing, Facebook advertising, and YouTube channels etc – the list just keeps on growing. Following online developments, the company launched their own web directory in 1996 which will continue to offer free listings to businesses.

Originally launched by the Post Office and now owned by Yell, the final edition of the historic directory will be published in Brighton, where it was first printed in 1966. There will be 23 million copies printed of the final editions which are expected to become collectors’ items.

Yell’s CEO, Richard Hanscott, commented: ‘‘After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we’re proud to say that we still have customers who’ve been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in 1966. How many brands can say they’ve had customers with them for over 50 years?”

Find out more about using Google and social media to grow your business at one of our upcoming seminars.

Our next seminar

The next Click Return seminar is coming up!

After our hugely successful seminar in May in Welwyn Garden City where 30 delegates heard about how to make the most of Google and social media for Digital-Hub-Guernseytheir businesses, we have joined forces with businesshelp.gg and our next seminar will take place in Guernsey!

The seminar is on Wednesday 19th June from 11:30am until 2pm. There is a £10 fee, which includes a buffet lunch for each delegate.

Taking place at the Digital Greenhouse – a place “dedicated to accelerating start-up and growth activity in Guernsey’s digital and creative sectors” – Click Return’s Director Brad Bishop will be joined by Andrew Bruce from Google and businesshelp.gg Managing Director Alan Chapman. Between then, the trio will teach you a variety of skills to grow your business online, including:

  • Improving your search engine positions;
  • Increasing the number of enquiries you get from your website;
  • How Google can get you in front of your customers on all devices;
  • Building a business that can cope with all these new enquiries.

Just some of the topics that will be covered at the next seminar:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Organic Results
  • Social Media
  • Testing & Measuring
  • How to make a marketing plan

Take a look at our seminar page to find out more!


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Your website’s thank you page

The importance of an online thank you page

One are of your website that should not be forgotten is your thank you page. We should never underestimate the power of a A thank you page is vital on a websitesimple “thank you” – those two words can give someone a huge impression of you, it’s simply good manners and it is often remembered if it is not said. Whether we are paying for something in a shop, leaving a taxi, have walked through a door held open for us or simply acknowledging a compliment , we automatically want to thank the person and we have had that etiquette drummed into us from a young age.

The same manners should be used when someone has tried to contact you through your website – whether they have filled in an enquiry form or requested a brochure of your products. Not only does a thank you page give you the chance to show your customers that you appreciate the time they have taken to get in touch with you, but it also gives you the opportunity to keep them on your site for longer and possibly sell more to them through links to other page on your site and also including your social media links.

What should a good thank you page include?

  • Change the URL – www.test.com/thank-you so your customers know that their query has been received;
  • “THANK YOU” – ensure your customers can see that you are saying thank you;
  • Let your customers know when they can expect to hear from you;
  • Include links to other areas of the site you think they may be interested in;
  • Make sure they can see your phone number should they need to get in touch another way;
  • Give them other ways of seeing what you do = social media links;

Include social media links on your thank you page

Below are a list of examples of some excellent thank you pages to inspire you…

Routemaster Hire 

Windowwise Trade

Henry Gates Security Systems 


Hurleys Skip Hire 

Hill Upholstery & Design

Google and social media seminar a success!

This morning’s Google and social media seminar has been a massive success, with business owners listening to talks from two of Google’s experts – Will Levitt and Andrew Bruce – ActionCOACH John Cottrell and our very own Brad Bishop.

Delegates heard about how their online marketing can be improved and how that can impact on their business, how to get in front of customers when they are ready to buy online as well as what strategies they can adopt to deal with an increase in customers. Above all, they discovered how they can maximise their time and make the most out of their money.

This free seminar was held at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club and others planned throughout the year, the next two taking place this month in Jersey and Guernsey.

Upcoming Google and social media seminars

If you would be interested in attending one and improving your online marketing and social media, contact us today and we can add you to our mailing list to keep you informed of our future events. Take a look at the current upcoming seminars we have planned.


Routemaster Hire

img-blockquoteI cannot keep up with all the enquiries, I am just so busyblockquote-close


I have been thinking about a new website for some time as the old one, although very effective, was quite a drain on Ross’s time as he maintained it. Also, I was unable to amend it as it was quite complicated and to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing.

The first thing Brad started to look at was our Google Analytics which is essentially taking care of how customers find our site and what information they were searching by, in order to find it. Brad was able to analyze what was working for us and removed search terms that were costing us money via Google AdWords and not showing any ROI. It is at this point that you realize you are paying for the bus geeks to simply stare at your lovely shiny buses!
The Google Analytics process improved the type of enquiries we were receiving and also reduced our monthly Google costs.

Phase 2 was to rebuild our website and create some new content. This involved a consultation period to discuss a sitemap, template options, general design, number of pages etc., followed by the creation of new content. The site was built and populated, the artwork gathered with a potential live date scheduled for early January 2014.

Finally we were ready for testing, review, feedback and Go Live. Suffice to say I am extremely happy with the results and here are some facts:

– We have a huge increase in the number of times our company been organically listed since the new website went live, from 150 per day, to up to 450 per day – 300% increase.

– More importantly it shows that clicks from the organic listing have increased from up to 15 per day to up to 76 per day – 406% increase.

– The amount of enquiries we receive daily has now increased by approximately 50% – upwards of 10-20 enquiries a day!

– Our conversion rate has increased by approximately 30% which means I have already had ‘return on investment’ within the first 4 weeks of my site being live. In January alone, we took 33 bookings which equates to approximately 25k of business, we doubled the amount of bookings we took last January 2013.

Now… a message from Jen Dee, our Office Manager…

“I cannot keep up with all the enquiries, I am just so busy”

And that is exactly what any business owner would be happy to hear.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Brad’s services and if any of you are planning a website refresh or rebuild – you cannot afford not to use Brad’s services.

Thank you


Routemaster Hire

FREE Google and social media seminar!

FREE Google and social media seminar!

Click Return are once again taking part in some more seminars following the success of similar ones in Cockfosters, Welwyn Garden City, Guernsey and Essex.

The free Google and social media seminarGoogle and social media seminar takes place this Friday takes place this coming Friday (3rd March) at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club, from 9:30am – 11:30am with a further two planned for later in the month in Guernsey and Jersey.

Friday’s speakers are two experts from Google – Will Levitt and Andrew Bruce – Click Return Director Brad Bishop and ActionCOACH John Cottrell. Between them, they will be discussing and informing delegates of how they can use Google and social media to improve the conversion rate of their website.

What will I learn on the Google and social media seminar?

When booking your place on our Google and social media seminar, you can expect to learn about how you can put your business in front of the customers who are ready to buy, how to improve your search engine positions, how to tie your website and social media together as well as how to build a business to cope with all these new enquiries as well as a whole host of unmissable information.

We have had some really positive feedback from our past seminars with people putting what they have learnt into practise straight away. Book your FREE place on Friday’s seminar today and discover how to make the most of your marketing budget!

Another Google exam pass for Brad

Another Google exam pass for Brad

Google exam success for Brad

There have been celebrations in the office this week when Brad Bishop, Director of Click Return, passed yet another Google exam.

To keep his Google certification, Brad must pass specific exams twice a year to confirm his specific skills and knowledge. This particular exam was in Search Advertising and Brad had to demonstrate his knowledge of the “best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the Search Network”.

 Passing the exams ensures Click Return keeps its Google Partner status. When you are looking for a company to deal with your web marketing, a Google Certified company can be worth their weight in gold. Take a look at these reasons why you should use a Google Certified company.

Google continues to learn, improve and change the way it works – some changes you will notice and others you will not. InGoogle exam success for Brad the same way, Search Advertising is always developing so it is imperative that our team keeps on top of these changes so they continue to provide the high quality service you have come to expect from Click Return.


Google Partner logo

How can I improve my website conversion rate?

A good testimonil page can increase a website conversion rate

How can I improve my website conversion rate?

Picture this – you have used a big chunk of your marketing budget to improve your website (or give your company a web presence) and to ultimately increase your company’s website conversion rate. It looks fantastic, really enhances your brand’s identity and informs your customers of everything they need to know about who you are and what you do. However, there is a problem…your website is not converting the customers you expected it to and you are concerned that your website is not performing the way you wanted it to. What do you do??

Instead of scratching your heads pondering why your site isn’t converting any customers, take a look below and see how we suggest you improve your website conversion rate:

Create a testimonials page – often overlooked, testimonials are a great way of letting your potential customers know what a fantastic service they would receive from you. It is vital that your page looks believable – use a picture of the writer and/or their company logo if relevant. If it was handwritten, scan it and use it on the page, or print out the email they sent. This makes each testimonial more convincing and is more likely to encourage people to use your company, ultimatley increasing your website conversion rate.

Where should my testimonials page go? Ideally, your testimonials page should be on the top level navigation and just before your CONTACT tab. This makes it easier for visitors to your site to find and shows them that you want to see what other people say about you. You care enough to ask for feedback from your customers – care enough to make sure other people can see what they have to say!

Can I see some examples of ‘good’ testimonial pages? We have helped a number of our customers improve their testimonial pages by either advising them on it or creating and updating them ourselves and they have seen their conversion rates increase since doing them. Take a look at some of these perfect examples and see how you could make your reviews increase your website’s conversion rate:

Bing exam pass for Click Return



Bing exam pass for Click Return

The team at Click Return never stop learning, keeping ahead of the game to give you the best service you could want. Director, Brad Bishop demonstrated this yesterday when he took and passed a Bing exam.

Brad passed his Bing certification exam to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, which means when you use Click Return for your Bing advertising, you will be getting even more froClick Return Director, Bradley Bishop, passed his Bing exam yesterdaym your marketing budget.

To pass the Bing exam, Brad had to master both the basics and advanced features of Bing, showing that he understood how Bing Ads work, including how to optimise Bing ad campaigns proficiently, keyword match options, as well as Ad extensions and Product Ads. The exam contains 100 questions and he had to get 80% to pass and gain his accreditation.

Bing is the search engine owned and operated by Microsoft and it has replaced the company’s previous search engines, MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.

Brad now holds a Bing Ads Accredited Professional status for one year, when he will need to sit the exam again.

Yesterday also saw Brad take another Google accreditation exam where he demonstrated expertise in search advertising, proving his impressive search ad skills. As with Bing, to keep your Google accreditation, you must resit your exam every year.

Increased sales from expanded ads

Size matters with Google’s expanded ads

In the summer, we told you about how Google were changing their Pay-Per-Click ads when they finally launched their highly anticipated expanded ads.Expanded ads from Google

It’s been over two months now since the larger PPC ads came into force and since we updated our PPC customers’ adverts to ensure they were getting the most out of the new format which took time as we became familiar with the changes ourselves. We have begun to look at the new adverts and compare them to how the old adverts performed and so far, the results have been positive. We have seen:

  • 4% increase in Click Through Rate

  • 4% less going to a competitor’s site

  • 4% more sales

As you can see, the new format has been an effective change for our customers and we are confident that these improved performances will only continue.

If you think your business could benefit from our advice on your PPC campaign, or if you want to see an increase in your business sales through PPC, then get in touch with Click Return today.