Chariots BNI St. Albans Click Return

Proud Member of BNI St Albans for 7 years.

BNI LOGOClick Return have been a proud member of Chariots BNI St Albans Chapter for over seven years. BNI (Business Network International) is great way to generate new business referrals and with the service we provide this leads to multiple levels of referral of business.

It is through being part of Chariots BNI St Albans that Click Return has just received the opportunity to speak at a seminar with Superfast Recruitment. This is a great example of a multiple level referral which originated from meeting a BNI member.


Referral 1.
We originally met Graham Martin of Orchard Recruitment when we were both members of BNI Vision in Enfield. Graham gave us referral to run Google Ads for his recruitment company. He was ecstatic with the results as we produced over 1500% ROI on advertising promoting “white good engineer jobs”. Graham then had the confidence to refer us to his other contacts.

Referral 2.
Graham referred us to a friend, Dawn Turbitt of KSB Recruitment. Over the years we have helped KSB Recruitment perfect a Google Ads campaign targeting Chefs Jobs and we also improved their website’s organic listings. So much so that the volume and quality of their website enquiries went through the roof. Dawn then had confidence to recommend Click Return to everyone she met.

2nd Level Referral.
Dawn recommended us to two more recruitment companies. Woop Jobs who specialise in AV Director Jobs & Recruitment & Vanilla Recruitment who are a Leicester Recruitment Agency specialising in marketing jobs, sales jobs and accounting jobs.

3rd Level Referral.
Dawn also recommended us to Superfast Recruitment. They specialise in helping recruitment companies promote themselves and have invited us to speak on how their recruitment clients can get more clients from thief website.

Chariots BNI St.Albans


This is great example of how BNI Chariots in St Albans has helped Click Return grow as company. Interested in growing your business? Want to know more? Contact me today!