Stress Awareness month: 6 ways to tackle stress

Stress Awareness month: 6 ways to tackle stress Stress Awareness month: 6 ways to tackle stress. Life can be a whole lot of stress. But as its Stress Awareness month, it important to talk about how we as a big global community can fight stress and anxiety in our everyday lives.  So are you feeling stressed or anxious from work or your personal life?  
Here are 6 ways of overcoming stress and becoming a happier human!
  1. Eat a regular balanced diet. Have you ever eaten junk food and felt sick or uncomfortable afterwards? Eating unhealthy can really have a negative effect on your mood and can lead to depression or anxiety. By keeping a nutritious and balanced diet, your body is kept energised and refreshed, leaving you feeling happy and healthy!
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. A healthy adult should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Getting the right hours in will increase your positivity and mindfulness; so be sure to be getting at least 7 hours in order to avoid being stressed throughout your day.
  3. Breathing exercises. Feeling an anxious lump in your stomach? Or had a stressful day? Sit down and take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will decrease your stress levels instantly so your can calmly carry on with your day.
  4. Talk to someone. There is no shame in opening up about your feelings. Keeping all your thoughts and worries to yourself can cause you to overthink and overreact over small things. Has your boss given you a hard time? Or have you your partner being experiencing difficulties? Talk to a friend, family member, colleague, a councillor or someone you trust; getting things off your chest will give you a sense of relief.
  5. Exercise! Take the dog out for a walk on your day off, or hit the gym with your friends or even go for a quick jog around your area. Exercise is proven to release stress and lower anxiety. Even if it means putting the running machine in front of your TV and watching a film while you exercise!
  So don’t worry, you can fight stress… you just have to communicate, take care of yourself and accept the fact that your not the only one!