Website Brand Marketing testimonial by Ceri Adams of Velveteena Leigh

I love the website, I’m so happy with the way you guys [Click Return] worked with me to get all of the specific needs for me. I’ve had a lot of people saying to me that it looks really professional, and it makes me look really professional as a dressmaker. People are actively using the website, which is something I didn’t get on my previous website.

To me, it’s more than just a website, because you guys you’re not just building a website for me, you’re helping me build my brand. It’s the advice, it’s the marketing, and it’s really teaching me how to grow and how to become a better business. And with that, I’m getting so much more than a website, I’m getting absolutely invaluable advice alongside it.

I think the team is fantastic. You guys have worked with me to really solve all the tiniest problems. I gave you guys a great challenge and you really overcame it. Genuinely, if anyone is on the fence just book a consultation with Brad, and have a chat because it’s so worth it.

Ceri Adams, Velveteena Leigh

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