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Click Return was recommended to mr.h founding partner Trevor Heley by an employee of theirs who we had worked closely with when they were at their previous company. The travel marketing agency was looking for external digital help with their own advertising and due to the previous success we had demonstrated, we were asked to pitch for the work. After a few conversations with Brad about his background, they were confident that our services would complement their own and our working relationship began – and has continued to grow and develop for a number of years now.

Our work for them began with search engine optimisation to assist them in marketing some of their biggest luxury destinations. This helped grow their organic traffic to these destinations and assisted them in boosting their overall luxury destination marketing.

Following the successful optimisation of these pages, we regularly trained a member of their own team so that she could continue on the work we had started. The training was completed over a number of weeks and she was also able to call them with questions and to ask for advice. The SEO we completed has been invaluable in helping mr.h grow as a travel marketing agency.

When the SEO had started, we began discussing the option of starting a PPC campaign on some of their priority destinations. Luxury travel advertising is a competitive market and the keyword research we carried out enabled us to advise on which keywords should be initially focussed on based on search terms, search volume and so on. The campaigns quickly generated enquiries and have been hugely successful and we carry on updating the account each month and update keywords and destinations etc depending on the season and how they are working. The team at mr.h contact us if they wish their campaigns to focus on a specific destination or holiday type which, in turn, helps their own separate marketing work alongside the Pay Per Click campaigns.

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