Bernice Osborne of Routemaster Hire

Google Analytics Process

I had been thinking about a new website for sometime as the old one, although very effective, was quite a drain on time. The first thing Brad started to look at was our Google Analytics which is essentially taking care of how ‘customers’ find our site and what information they were searching by, in order to find it. Brad was able to analyze what was working for us and removed search terms that were costing us money via Google AdWords and not showing any ROI. It is at this point that you realize you are paying for the bus geeks to simply stare at your lovely shiny buses! The Google Analytics process improved the type of enquiries we were receiving and also reduced our monthly Google costs. Phase 2 was to rebuild our website and create some new content. This involved a consultation period to discuss a sitemap, template options, general design, number of pages etc, followed by the creation of new content. The site was built and populated, the artwork gathered, with a potential live date scheduled for early January 2014. Finally we were ready for testing, review, feedback and Go Live. Suffice to say I am extremely happy with the results and here are some facts:

- We have a huge increase in the number of times our company has been organically listed since the new website went live, from 150 per day, to up to 450 per day – 300% increase.

- More importantly it shows that clicks from the organic listing have increased from up to 15 per day to up to 47 per day – 313% increase.

- The amount of enquiries we receive daily has now increased by approximately 50% – upwards of 10 – 20 enquiries a day!

- Our conversion rate has increased by approximately 30% which means I have already had ‘return on investment’ within the first 4 weeks of my site being live. In January alone, we took 33 bookings which equates to approximately 25k of business, we doubled the amount of bookings we took last January 2013.

Our Office Manager has commented, “I cannot keep up with all the enquiries, I am just so busy.” And that is exactly what any business owner would be happy to hear. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brad’s services and if any of you are planning a website refresh or rebuild – you cannot afford not to use Brad’s services.

Bernice Osborne, Routemaster Hire

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