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Lord cars are a vintage and classic wedding car hire specialists. They already had a website when they approached us, but it had a low conversion rate and wasn’t doing what they needed it to do.

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When Lord Cars approached us, they already had a website but it had a low conversion rate and wasn’t doing what they needed it to. Its conversion rate was low for two reasons:

  1. It had a poor quality testimonial page;
  2. Customers had to fill out a long and complicated form.

As a wedding car hire company in Hertfordshire, the first thing Click Return did was create a more appealing and authentic testimonial page, which included images of the customers on their wedding days and photos of their handwritten notes. Using the images and the notes makes the page more genuine and potential clients find it more trustworthy.

With the form, we broke it into two parts: the first asked people purely for their name, email address and telephone number. The second part then went on to ask for more specific information which would enable Lord Cars to quote for the job. Having a shorter form meant that more people began filling it in. If the second part of the form was not filled in, we set up an automated MailChimp email which then emailed the customer asking for the required information. This system reduced the amount of time spent getting information from customers.

As a result of these changes, Lord Cars saw a much higher website conversion rate and reduced the work that needed to be done in the office. From this, quotes were then produced and sent out much quicker and therefore converted quicker.

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