Website Training

The saying goes that if you give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime. The same can be said for our comprehensive website training…

Our websites are built with an easy to use content management system that you can use to update your website on your PC, tablet or phone. We offer you bespoke training so that, once your website is built and live, you can update it and get the most out of its full potential.

Not only will you receive training, but we will also explain why you should be updating your site, so that you know you are doing it for a reason and that your updates will, in fact, make a positive difference on your analytics.

During your training, we will explain what you should be updating, why you should update it, and how you can do this.

Your training will be bespoke – not any two websites are the same, nor are the needs of the businesses that have them, so our training reflects this. We may recommend that one company primarily blogs a couple of times a week and we will explain why and how and also discuss keywords they should include; whereas another company may need to make the most of the gallery plug-in and we will explain clearly how to create a new gallery on their site and why this is important.

Updating a website is vitally important as it shows Google that your content is current and updated and, in response, Google will rank you higher. Google will also credit you for including your keywords within the text, alt tags and metadata – all of which will be explained to you.


  • SEO – what it is and how it will improve your Google rankings;
  • Content – what to update and how;
  • Images – how to add them and optimise them to assist with your SEO;
  • Blogs – how and when to do it and what to include;
  • Social media – posting your blogs to your social media accounts;
  • Email Marketing – adding names to your marketing lists and sending your next marketing email.

James Lumsden

Website Trainer Extraordinaire

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Looking for a refresher from your Click Return website Training? Contact us for access to our generic Training manual.

(Only for websites with Visual Composer as their current builder)