Website Design

Website design for your clients

Good website design is all about the usability



Click Return will design a website for your target audience, not for the company’s directors.
We approach the design and build from your target audience’s perspective.

We spend time getting to know your organisation or products, we build a website that is focused on providing your customers with easy access to the information they need to make a buying choice.


It all starts with a plan

a. To make an online sale
b. To market your services or products
c. To provide a brochure for your organisation
d. To build an audience
e. To get an income from advertising
We will create a website with the right functions to deliver what you need

– Segments
– Profile
– Demographics
– Needs
– Computer literacy
– Location
– Device
– When

We understand how to target your audience so your website and your marketing will hit the spot.

By doing detailed keyword analysis before we begin building your website, we will understand what content your website needs to get the best results from the search engines and your online advertising.

We will also help you effectively guide your customers to your goal. Whether that is a purchase, a sign up or an enquiry.

We can also introduce you to specialist copywriters who can interview you and then write the best, most engaging content for you.

It is essential that your website navigation does many things:

1. Makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for

2. Educates your customers on the full range of products and services you offer

3. Works on multiple devices from PCs, tables & mobile phones

It is essential that your website is found by the customers that are specifically looking for your company and also by customers looking for your products.

We plan your website with search engine positions and your advertising performance in mind making your website a money making machine.

The speed at which your website loads effects both the search engine positions & how many customers stay around to use your website.

If your website loads slowly, search engines will rank your site poorly and your customers may even give up before your content has loaded.

We have a range of servers available that will make your website load quickly.

It is important to keep your website up to date and with fresh new content. This helps keep your search engine positions high and will engage customers that come back to your website again and again.

We will provide you with an easily updatable website and give you training to get you started on updating your blog posts and your website pages.

It is important to build a site NOW, that is capable of growing with your business.

Your website navigation and functionality can expand as and when you need it to.