Seminar Testimonials


Seminar Testimonials


Guernsey oysters
Lots of food for thought.
Charlotte Dickson,
Guernsey Oysters.

5 star Seminar Testimonials

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Niall Lucas
Was great to see things that we’ve learned over our start-up and to meet potential support to help us grow/develop these for ourselves and others in our industry.
Niall Lucas,
Cutts-Watson Consulting.

5 star Seminar Testimonials
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specsavers logo
Gained some valuable insight from today’s speakers.
David Strang,

4 star Seminar Testimonials

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Jaymee-Leigh Weysom
Some good metricson mobile usage but was looking for a bit more advanced insight.
Jaymee-Leigh Weysom,

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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specsavers logo
The multiple platforms offer a myriad of options to deliver on our company’s CRM objectives. Good to gain some insight from the industry specialists.
Daniela Marin,

4 star Seminar Testimonials

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I think there was some useful info on how Youtube can link with the store.
Helen Arnold,

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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Bretherton Law logo
Dear Brad,
Myself and a colleague at Bretherton Law took advantage of a couple of your “Golden Tickets” recently and were blown away by the breadth and depth of your knowledge in relation to both Google and Social Media Marketing.
We are complete novices in this area but came away with huge ideas and raring to get started.
A brilliant course, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow their business or who is finding it difficult to find work or compete in their area.
Isobel Doherty,
Bretherton Law.

5 star seminar testimonials
Bretherton Law testimonial

Andy Spencer
Really interested to see the many tools that Google offer to help manage online marketing.
Andy Spencer,
Creative Star.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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Excellent speakers, great content given, shared in a clear understandable manner. Thank you.
Gemma Kennedy,
Loving Social Media Ltd.

5 star seminar testimonials
Gemma Kennedy

Male icon Actioncoach
Reassurance that effect of marketing can be measured.
David Cox,
Rangjung Yeshe Institute.

5 star seminar testimonials
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Amthal Fire & Security logo
Great level of technical content for 2 hour seminar.
Jamie Allam,

5 star seminar testimonials
Jamie Allam

Male icon Actioncoach
Some good insights into the power/capabilities of Google and Adwords.
Thomas Millar,
Chilli Pilates.

3 star Seminar Testimonials
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Pip financial logo
Very useful.
Sunil Maya Mahtani,
Pip Financial.

5 star seminar testimonials
Sunil Maya Mahtani

Ian Begg
Hearing Google from the horses mouth was good.
Ian Begg,
Bizhop Luggage.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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Terrain surveys logo
Good to review what we are doing through our marketing channels and gain an insight to what is new with Google.
John Lane,
Terrain Surveys.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
John Lane

Female icon Actioncoach
Excellent overview of online marketing.
Marcia Stein,
At Work Partnership.

5 star seminar testimonials
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Asend logo
Sort out website and Google first before social media. Affordable for our business. Far better understanding of how Google can help.
Thomas Maynard,

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Thomas Maynard

Eleanor Duffy
Gained valuable insight into Google marketing from today’s speakers.
Eleanor Duffy,
Activity Superstore.

5 star seminar testimonials
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osborne appointments logo
Very good insight into the workings of Google.
Martin Walker,
Osborne Appointments.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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Natalie Morris JER Electrical Seminar Testimonials
Great info regarding website and looking forward to getting our website up and running and advertising through it.
Natalie Morris,
J.E.R. Electrical.

5 star seminar testimonials
JER Electrical logo Seminar Testimonials

ISG Logo Seminar Testimonials
I knew I was interested in developing my Digital Marketing knowledge, but now i’m absolutely certain.
Fantastic speakers, incredible in-depth knowledge that they were happy to share – I highly recommend.
Angela Little,
Independent Strategic Group.

5 star seminar testimonials
Angela Little Seminar Testimonials

Sally Moseley Seminar Testimonials
My head is buzzing – so many new ideas and processes – I am inspired. Thank you.
Sally Moseley,
Sarnia Mutual.

5 star seminar testimonials
Sarnia Mutual logo Seminar Testimonials

Great Circle Media Logo Seminar Testimonials
Useful insight into the more in-depth benefits of Google Ads. (Google customer match)
Andy Brown,
Great Circle Media.

5 star seminar testimonials
Andy Brown Seminar Testimonials

Rosie Lempriere Seminar Testimonials
Seminar was delivered under difficult circumstances (two speakers fogged in) but nonetheless with the assistance of skype an interesting and informative presentation.
Rosie Lempriere,
Jersey Business.

5 star seminar testimonials
Jersey Business Logo Seminar Testimonials

Appleby Logo Seminar Testimonials
Incredibly insightful, helpful, interesting and really well delivered.
Carly James,

5 star seminar testimonials
Carly James Seminar Testimonials

Jonty Erridge Seminar Testimonials
Importance of using Google Ads and not neglecting any customers.
Jonty Erridge,

4 star Seminar Testimonials
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GTA logo Seminar Testimonials
Importance of refreshing content on website regularly.
Leanne Archer,
GTA University Centre.

5 star seminar testimonials
Leanne Archer Seminar Testimonials

Haley Camp Seminar Testimonials
General assistance to help me formulate key strategy and point of focus.
Haley Camp,
Centillion Consulting.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Centillion logo Seminar Testimonials

GSYART Logo Seminar Testimonials
Continue to encourage conversation, good reviews and testimonials, own your audience, understand your audience and re-engage prospects you know.
Dawn Cashin,
A Cashin Creation.

5 star seminar testimonials
Dawn Cashin Seminar Testimonials

Mark Baudains Seminar Testimonials
More marketing activity required to make our site work.
Mark Baudains,
Baudains Trade Supplies

5 star seminar testimonials
BTS Logo Seminar Testimonials

Catherine Best Logo Seminar Testimonials
More understanding of how Google works and how to apply it.
Susie Campanella,
Catherine Best.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Susie Campanella Seminar Testimonials

Brandi Attewell Seminar Testimonials
Better understanding of successful ways to market my business. A lot to take in but great to learn and know more about.
Brandi Attewell,
B Creative Dance.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
B Creative Logo Seminar Testimonials

Bright Spark Logo Seminar Testimonials
The process of targeting customers online is essential to your prospective clients.
Kirk Strandberg,
Bright Spark Technologies.

5 star seminar testimonials
Yellow tick Seminar Tsetimonials

Justyna Serwach Seminar Testimonials
A right movement in time aspect of advertising.
Justyna Serwach,
Garlic Matters.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Garlic Matters Logo Seminar Testimonials

creaseys logo seminar Testimonials
Our website is currently non-transactional so a lot of the Google info would not apply to us. Was hoping for more ways to connect Social Media advertising into sales – good insight into Google though.
Joanna Babbe,
Creaseys Department Store.

3 star Seminar Testimonials
Joanna Babbe Seminar Testimonials

Kelly Barker Seminar Testimonials
Lots of tips and techniques to promote our business online. Very helpful and worthwhile.
Kelly Barker,

5 star seminar testimonials
WeDigital logo Seminar Testimonials

Yellow tick Seminar Tsetimonials
Very informative, learnt new and important information about website SEO, Adwords, what content should be on your website etc., many thanks.
Joanna Mauger,

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Joanne Mauger Seminar Testimonials

Jani Burwood Seminar Testimonials
Brad – so insightful. Thank you.
Jani Burwood,
Cantus Consulting.

5 star seminar testimonials
Cantus consulting logo Seminar Testimonials

bernies garden services logo Seminar Testimonials
Very enlightening, definitely understand deeper now how important this is.
Andre Goncalves,
Bernies Garden Services.

5 star seminar testimonials
Andre Goncalves Seminar Testimonials

Roger Small Seminar Testimonials
Gained considerable insight from today’s speakers.
Roger Small,
Centric 360 Ltd.

4 star Seminar Testimonials
Centric 360 logo Seminar Testimonials

chalky dog logo Seminar Testimonials
Very insightful info on Gmail Ads and Re-targetting.
Gwyn Garfield-Bennett,
Chalky Dog Publishing.

5 star seminar testimonials
Gwyn Garfield Bennett Seminar Testimonials

Bino Rodrigues Seminar Testimonials
A full double side page of notes. New channels of marketing – I didn’t know how they worked.
Bino Rodrigues,
Out and About.

3 star Seminar Testimonials
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