how to write google text ads

“Writing Google ads. Is like creating Haiku. On an elephant.”

“You are restricted By the length of the ad fields. Then they don’t all show.”

I have written this blog post to help customers who ask how to write a text advert. This article is about the technical character limits of the text advert.
Here are the formats of the Google text adverts.
These are made up of 7 Different items:
Google-Ads-Character-Limit-of-text-advert NOTE: Not all the 7 advert sections show at all times. Depending on the device and screen size your advert will show different info. When Google shows all the info your advert will be laid out like this: Google Ads Sample Often Google will show less information so when writing your advert anticipate not seeing all your advert sections. Here is a smaller advert format: Google Ads Sample Small Here are a couple of real examples fo the same advert showing in different formats: KSB Chef recruitment agency KSB catering recruitment agency