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Pay Per Click advertising places your ads on search engines such as Google and Bing when a user has searched for a specific search term. You don’t pay each time your advert is shown, just when someone clicks on it and therefore it is imperative that your adverts are clear, concise and send people to the relevant page, ensuring you make the most from your PPC budget.
PPC advertising is not exclusive to the search engine results pages – when relevant, your ads can also generate income on Google Shopping and social media channels.

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Our PPC achievements

Generated 520,000 Conversions for our Clients through Google Ads & Bing Ads
Combined Conversion Value of £24.1 million for Clients from a range of industries
Our Adverts have been seen by almost 1 Billion People
Achieved a Combined ROI Of 431% across our Client accounts

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why investclick return starIn Pay Per Click?

In terms of digital marketing, PPC can deliver you new customers that very day! You can set your own budget and have the ability to increase and decrease this when you feel it is necessary.

You also have the option of pausing your account when you are too busy and can’t take on more clients – yes, this happens to many of our PPC customers!

By completing comprehensive keyword research, our Pay Per Click consultants will ensure that the most relevant keywords are used in your campaigns so none of your PPC budget is wasted. We will review your account and during our pay per click management each month, scrutinise your account and look at ways to continually improve your return on investment. You can contact them with new promotions, products and services so that your account can focus on those – you are not expected to stick with the same adverts.

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How it works
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Let’s chat!
Let’s start with a 10-minute chat with one of our experts to see how we can help you
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Get your perfect plan.
We’ll design you a bespoke marketing plan that fits your needs
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Get results.
Watch the enquiries come in & grow
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Get all your marketing in one place:

PPC Advertising Click Return
Pay Per Click is where your adverts are placed on Google and appear to a user when a specific search term is used.
Search Engine Optimisation Click Return
Search Engine Optimisation helps your website attract organic visitors, without the need to pay for advertising.
Website Build & Design Click Return
We offer four different website packages to cater for every need and budget – see which one suits your business best.
Graphic Design Click Return
Our graphic design solutions include websites, packaging, stationery, logos, social media, motion graphics and more.
Social Media Click Return
Social Media marketing can target your audience through specific interests and behaviours.
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450,000+ Conversionson Google Ads
We have been helping our clients achieve online success for 20 years through paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and creating new websites. Our efforts have helped our clients generate a combined conversion value of £24.1 million so you can be reassured we know what we are doing!
We are driven by the success of our clients, and sit regular Google exams to maintain our Google Partner status, ensuring all clients generate a big return! Don't just take our word for it though, we have plenty of client testimonials on our website which we encourage you to see.
Our Promise
At Click Return we are passionate about good marketing and believe all clients should make money online. That's why we promise quality digital marketing services that will actually make you money. We are confident about upholding this promise and don't believe in tying any client down to long term contracts.
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Hear what our clients say..

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