Pay per click advertising can deliver new customers today


Why pay per click advertising work so well:


Instant site visitors

Drive new customers to your website within minutes

Highly targeted

Fine control of where, when & who your adverts appear to

Trackable results

Easily see which adverts attract more sales & replicate this success


At Click Return we are Google Certified Partners

As  experts certified by Google, we are qualified to focus on delivering new customers to your company, saving you time and maximising your return on investment while you focus on what you do best.

Why choose PPC Advertising?

Even if you are focused on top search listings via SEO, first page Google positions take a lot of time and effort. PPC advertising will deliver customers immediately so that your company is making profit while you invest in your long-term, organic SEO.

How much will it cost?

The amount of money you will invest in your advertising is based on how many new customer you need and how competitive your industry is.
We can create a FREE keyword report for you, giving valuable information about the size of the market you are trying to reach and how competitive your market is. From this, we can estimate how many new customers you will get from your budget.

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Things you should know about PPC advertising:

The budget is set by you. Just tell us what you want to invest and we will set your daily budget.

Your budget is also flexible so if you need more customers, we can increase the budget and if you have enough customers already, we can reduce your budget or pause your advertising completely.

You are only charged when people click on your advert and visit your website.

We will put your adverts straight on Google and the Google search network. This includes sites like AOL, Ask Jeeves, BT Openworld and many more, covering over 80% of the UK search market.

If needed, we will also advertise your website on Bing and Yahoo.

Choosing the right keywords is essential as it will allow your adverts to appear when the customer is ready to make a purchase.

We write multiple adverts for each group of customers so that we can test which adverts produce the best results.

Over time we can see which keywords & adverts lead to sales. So we use this information to further improve your advertising by reducing your cost or increasing your sales.

The speed at which your website loads effects both the search engine positions & how many customers stay around to use your website.

If your website loads slowly the search engines will rank you site poorly and your customer may even give up before your content has loaded.

We have a range of servers available that will make your website load quickly.

It is important to keep your website up to date and with fresh new content. This helps keep your search engine positions high and will engage customers that come back to your website again and again.

We will provide you with an easily updatable website and give you training to get you started on updating your blog posts and your website pages.

Many customers are concerned that their competitors will sit at their PC click on their advert all day. Costing them a fortune & stopping them getting any new leads. The search engines have protected against this. Google knows the IP address of the computer clicking on your advert and will filter out repeated clicks from any one computer as suspected fraudulent clicks. So you will not get charged for them.