Social Media Graphics

designs created for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Social media is the quickest and easiest way for you to communicate with your clients and tap into their circle of friends and business contacts. When your posts are interesting and relevant, then your clients will “like”, “retweet”, “pin” or “favourite” your post, spreading your content out to their network of friends. At Click Return we love social media because it gives us the opportunity to instantly produce and share our own content/offers and vital information with our followers and their friends. From a business marketing viewpoint, it makes perfect sense to do this although there are constraints in social media, and in their terms and conditions.

Social media integration

Click Return advises on an integrated online marketing policy because it makes the best of both worlds. It’s also another driver to the website, where active selling takes place. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram Company take-up has been limited to big corporations and to young owners of small businesses, but this is changing.

Social media helps:

  • Get prompt feedback on offers – measured through analytics
  • Instant market or product testing – from resulting traffic and activity measurements with brand recognition and loyalty – to stand out from competitors
  • Customers to engage – talking to friends, seeking reviews, taking action, linking to the website
  • Perpetuate itself, for free – through “like” and “share” functions
  • Show a company’s willingness to engage in all ways