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Graphic Design

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    Graphic Design

    Our graphic design solutions include websites, packaging, stationery, logos, social media, motion graphics and more. Using a combination of text, photos, and illustrations, our designer can create eye catching designs, complementing your business and your website.


    We believe that it is essential that your graphic design is created with your customers in mind – after all, it is them who it needs to appeal to and attract as they will ultimately be the ones making a purchase from you. When we are designing, we like to get to know your company, who your customers are so we can design your website/logo etc to suit and consolidate with your current literature and website as well as the brand values your company holds.


    Our design process begins with a sketch of the initial concept before it gradually grows and evolves through thoughts, discussions and ideas into your finished product. Our designer would communicate with you throughout this entire process, ensuring you are delighted with your finished product.


    When graphic design is done well, your message can be expressed to a wide number of your customers and potential customers, encouraging them to find out more about what you offer and make a purchase from you.

    Website Design
    (Layout, Navigation, Animation, Graphics etc)

    Google Ads – Remarketing
    (Animated Adverts for Display Ads etc)

    (Branded Graphics, Brand Guidelines etc)

    Print Design
    (Business Card, Promotional Materials etc)

    (Creation, Editing, Titles etc)

    (Sliders, Gif’s, Website Graphics etc)

    Image Adjustments
    (Graphics or Photos)

    Social Media Marketing Design
    (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter & Instagram)

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