Google Partner

Why use a Google AdWords Certified Partner?

Like many advertisers, you may not have a significant amount of time to invest in learning AdWords and managing your own advertising account. Hiring us will save you time while maximising the return on your investment.

At Click Return, we have invested time in training and using AdWords to become certified, and using our expertise will benefit your campaigns, helping generate new leads and business from Google advertising programs.



Stop wasting money

Stop wasting money

In all of the accounts we take over, we have successfully reduced wasted spend. By reinvesting this wasted budget, we deliver more sales for the same budget
Stand out from your competitors

Stand out from your competitors

By promoting your sales and special offers directly in your adverts, we can make your advertising stand out from the crowd and attract more customers
Convert more visitors into customers

Focus on the end game

We can monitor which keywords, adverts and landing pages result in the most sales so we can focus your adverting to drive more sales from the same budget

Why choose Click Return as your Google Partner?

In order to become a Google Partner, you must pass the Google exams each year and reach a high level of best practice in all of the accounts that you manage.

We are extremely proud that the work we do as standard for our clients puts us head and shoulders above our competition.