Email Marketing

Email marketing – design and campaign support that gets results

Email marketing and design can be the most direct form of marketing communication we have at our disposal and its uses are varied:

  • generates new sales leads
  • retains customers – through repeated offers, useful information
  • builds brand loyalty – reputation for good service, value for money products, competitive differences
  • introduces new products
  • communicates new processes or web services
  • increases web traffic
  • develops long-term customer relationships


Email marketing advantages


There are the obvious benefits to opt-in email marketing:

  •  fast to implement, with instant results
  •  cheap — no need for leaflet design, print, postage
  •  immediately measurable — statistics quickly available
  •  adjustable — after a small market test
  •  simple to carry out
  •  has wide potential reach
  •  personalised targeting
  •  keeps customers on message with brands or updated on special offers
  • popular — 96% of internet users’ main reasons for being online is email


Email marketing service – design, training, full implementation


Click Return offers a full or partial service. We can design and set up the email campaign, provide you with the training to do it yourself or do it all for you.

We undertake:

  •  data capture and list management
  •  email design
  •  personalisation
  •  implementation
  •  tracking, measurement, analytics
  •  testing