Online Advertising

Online advertising is a form of marketing and advertising using the internet. As technology has developed and as the craving to receive information faster continues, the number of ways we are able to communicate online has increased, affording us many more opportunities to market our products to our (potential) customers. Unlike many other forms of advertising, with online advertising, you have the ability to switch your advertising on and off immediately, giving you more control when your company is too busy or needs to bring in more business to meet your targets.


As with all the services that we provide at Click Return, we are proud to offer our online advertising clients the same benefit as our other clients – they will not be tied down to a long contract. This gives you more flexibility to see if something works for your business, without committing to a long contract.

Remarketing icon for Online Advertising
Advert sizes for remarketing with Online Advertising

Once we have delivered a client to your website it is important to keep reminding them of your company and product until they commit to buy. We can use Remarketing to follow them across other websites. Most users will visit up to 11 sources of information before they make a buying decision. So after they visit your site they will look at reviews, and search again for your competitors. This is why it is so important to keep your company in their mind. So following them with animated remarketing adverts keeps your company in consideration as potential suppliers. This adverting produces a great Return on Investment and helps you capture more of the market share available, while increasing the conversion rate on all your other advertising.