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Price for PPC – £115.50 + VAT per hour

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A PPC Strategy That Maximises Return

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to increase website sales and drive growth through increased profit. PPC search campaigns place text ads on search engines such as Google and Bing when a user has searched for a specific query such as “digital marketing company”.

One of the many advantages of running paid advertising campaigns is that you only pay when your advert is clicked. Pay Per Click advertising is not exclusive to the search engine results pages – when relevant, your ads can also generate income on Shopping and social media channels.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Business Growth

Business Growth Through Pay Per Click

Trusted PPC That Helps You Grow

Paid advertising can generate new customers instantly which gives your organic Search Engine Optimisation efforts time to pay off and start attracting long-term and free website traffic. Our Pay Per Click consultants will review any existing account you have, and find areas for optimisation to provide you better results, or we can design a new winning PPC strategy that will grow your business

With paid advertising comes many benefits, including an instant boost in traffic to a website as 40% of users click on paid adverts. In addition to this, Pay Per Click advertising can place you on the first page of a search engine, directly above your competitors and can be monitored and optimised constantly to drive traffic and leads or sales.

PPC Management

  • Account Structure – Structuring the overall account, including campaigns, ad groups, search campaigns, shopping campaigns and budget allocations.
  • Keyword Management – Keyword research analysis, adding relevant keywords, managing keyword match types, search term analysis and adding negative keywords.
  • Advert Writing – Writing compelling adverts relevant to both the search keywords and the website landing page, ad testing and ad scheduling.
  • Bid Strategy Analysis – Keyword bid management, bid adjustments based on device, location, day of week and other key metrics.
  • Measuring Performance – Conversion tracking which includes ecommerce revenue tracking, form tracking and call tracking.
  • Performance Analysis – Conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate, cost per click, campaign spend, return on investment and report generating.
Keyword ResearchKeyword Research
Display AdsDisplay Ads
Shopping ManagementShopping Management
Search AdsSearch Ads
Ad WritingAd Writing
Budget ManagementBudget Management

Our PPC Achievements

Generated 520,000 Conversions for our Clients through Google Ads & Bing Ads
Combined Conversion Value of £24.1 million for Clients from a range of industries
Our Adverts have been seen by almost 1 Billion People
Achieved a Combined ROI Of 431% across our Client accounts

Our Clients

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Google Reviews

Click Return talk sense, make sense and give us the sense that they really care that their clients succeed. They speak plain English in a sector not renowned for it! Always happy to recommend them.
Response from the owner: Hi Jeremy,Thank you so much for the positive review. And thank you for introducing me to your networking group BMN in Potters Bar. I really enjoyed presenting as a guest speaker & educating the members on how to get more out of Google and their websites.Thanks againBrad
I met Brad last week when he made a Presentation to BM Networking Group. Brad sent me a report, ahead of the presentation, on key words within my website and their popularity and what I might have to pay for clicks.Today, I had a 30 minute 1-to-1 with Brad and he told me how to ask for google reviews and reply to them and post content to google to improve my online profile.If you want someone to be a guest speaker and educate you about google ads, Brad's your man. Thank-you Brad. Awesome.
Response from the owner: Hi Mick, Thanks for the positive feedback.It was good to meet you all at your BMN Networking meeting in Welwyn. As you can tell I am passionate about spreading my marketing knowledge and really enjoyed doing the guest speaking spot and presenting on how to understand Google and what you could do to get more from your online presence.It is surprising how much small business owners can learn about Google, Keywords & how to increase their website conversion rate within 30 minutes.Thanks again.Brad
The team at Click Return really are experts on SEO, website design, and PPC. They provide an excellent service.Click Return were the PPC and SEO agency for an e-commerce business that I worked for. The team was exceptional at advising us on how to improve our online presence. They managed our pay-per-click and taught us how to improve and optimise our search engine rankings.As that business was sold, I went to work for Click Return and witnessed first-hand their dedication to their customers.
Response from the owner: Hi,Thank you so much for your positive feedback.We just love working in parnetship with website designer and marketing teams that create great websites but don't have our detailed knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads & SEO.We get a kick out of helping them and their clients understand where the rich seams of gold are within their website and digital marketing so they can mine that Gold deeper.Thanks again.Brad
a company that certainly know what they are talking about and how to get the best with regards to marketing on line. Bradley is very knowledgable and puts his poi9nt across in a language that we can all understand. Would not hesitate to recommend this company
Response from the owner: Hi Alastair,Thank you for the great feedback. As you can tell we just love helping our customer be successful online then teaching them how it happened so they can repeat their successes.Thanks again.Brad
Response from the owner: Hi Annette,Thanks it was great to meet you at the BMN networking meeting & hope you found the marketing presentation valuable to your website & online presence.CheersBrad
Vey Interesting presentation.
Been with Click Return for over 5 years and have always helped us with our current and on going needs. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.
The team at Clickreturn are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Very easy to deal with and highly recommend working with them. Not easy to have folk point out the glaring errors on your website but they soften the blow with good tips, create new habits and show the improvements being made.
Response from the owner: HI John,Thank you for the glowing recommendation.One thing we tend to see with websites & SEO is the clients don't really understand what they have, where they currently are & how things can get better.This is where we differ from other companies. We like to educate our clients on the content they can create to improve their rankings and show them how to use this content to attract more customers to the website.It is great see your SEO & PPC bringing in more new students and I look forward to helping you grow your online presence further to reach your attendance capacity.CheersBrad
We have been working with Click Return for a number of years now, they have a great team, very friendly and always available to assist with our needs and answer our queries.
Click Return is the perfect place for ambitious digital marketers to learn and develop skills. With Brad's expertise you will be exposed to the very best industry practices spanning website design and build, SEO, PPC, CRM, analytics, and beyond. I continue to apply the same strategies and knowledge Brad taught at my current employment which propelled the company to a 10x increase in monthly web enquiries within 3 months.For lack of a better analogy, he taught me how to look under the hood of a business, pinpoint the issues and develop strategies to accelerate online growth (and even how to master spreadsheets - I still wonder if he was the guy that might've invented them). Brad's an extremely rare mentor and an trusted friend which I rely on for digital advice, and he continues to provide invaluable solutions.Whether you are looking to enhance your digital marketing career, or even a company/ owner seeking a digital marketing agency to boost online growth - I encourage you to get in touch with Brad.
Response from the owner: Hi Ben, Thank you for the stupendous review.One of my passions as you know is teaching and nurturing new talent. That is how I like to give back. I love taking my years of SEO, PPC & Website knowledge and passing it on new apprentices and clients alike. Then watching them flourish.Thanks again Ben & just call if you need anything.CheersBrad
We have been working with Click Return for several years now to help us with our PPC advertisement, we have experienced great ROI and the team was always available, fast and friendly in addressing our questions and concerned. Customer service is TOP! They have recently built our new website with an improved SEO results. Thanks Bred, Chloe and Stewart! (Apologies if I'm forgetting about anyone in the team)
Response from the owner: Hi Andrea & Claudio, Thank you so much for the positive feedback.As a team we are sooo proud of your website design, its SEO & PPC campaign and present your high conversion rates as a shining example of brilliance. You're always a pleasure to work with & we look forward growing together over the years ahead.Thanks again.Brad, Chloe and Stuart!
recommend Click Return enough for their exceptional services! They brilliantly designed and built our Turkey dental tourism business website. From day one, their team has been friendly, professional, and excellent with communication.We've also entrusted them with our PPC campaigns, and the results have been nothing short of amazing! The conversions speak volumes about their expertise in digital marketing.Looking forward, we are excited about future collaborations with Click Return. We have upcoming projects in social media and SEO that we can't wait to dive into.Thank you, Click Return, for being an integral part of our business journey so far!
Response from the owner: Hi Aydogan, Thanks for the great review.We're really pleased with your website design performance.It was a challenge creating a site that reassures people that getting dentistry done in Turkey is safe and highlighting your UK dentist backed warranty has done this brilliantly. Straight away we got a good amount of enquiries from the SEO & Google Ads.CheersBrad
We're really happy with the website Click Return developed for us. They understood our requirements and how we worked straight away, and planned the process pragmatically and thoroughly. They advised us on SEO and keywords and we get far more enquiries since the new site launched. They've made us approach things differently and future-proofed how we show up online - it's great!
Response from the owner: Hi Louie & Lisa, Thanks so much for your feedback! We're thrilled with how your new wordpress website design came out. It look great and although switching from Sheep CRM to Membership Works was a big change for you internally it is allowing your members to book on events easily, which is great. It's also fantastic to see your SEO working so well and your meeting rooms being fully booked out because of your high Google rankings. Thanks again.Brad
Brad was professional and skilled in meeting my requirements. I was really pleased with the end results and would highly recommend his service.
Response from the owner: Hi Lesley,Thanks for the review.Your wordpress website was small but perfectly formed to rank on Google so local people could find your art therapy service. Helping you grow and support your local community.Thanks again.Brad
I have worked with Brad and the team for a while now and they have provided so much support for our digital marketing presence. Always on hand if I have a question. Their advice and guidance have helped to drive traffic to our website which we have been able to convert into candidates and clients. I know we wouldn't have been able to do this without their support as the world of SEO in particular is a minefield and ever-changing but Click Return keeps up with the updates, letting us know what we need to be aware of. Thank you so much for your hard work.
Response from the owner: Hi Rebecca,Thank you for kind review.It was really good to work with you during your years as a Head of Marketing as KSB recruitment.As you know being a one person marketing department inside a busy company can be lonely at times. It was our pleasure to work along side you giving support, technical guidance on SEO, PPC & Analytics. As well as helping you to navigate the complex process of reporting company online performance to your managers and peers.Thanks again & if you do need anything in your new role then just pick up the phone.Brad
Tried Green Olive yesterday evening - excellent food, very tasty indeed. OH had gyro, I had dolmades and olives. All delicious.
We had a Vent Axia MVHR system installed by the dwelling doctors in February 2023, after moving into a 1960s bungalow in summer 2022 and having a winter full of condensation and mold problems. Our windows and porch were dripping every day and a number of walls were covered in mold after a cold spell. Our clothes and bedding were always damp and the house was always cold and smelt damp. After the MVRH was installed the problems ended within a day! Alan did our quote and was very thorough and professional. Alan and Scfott did the install o ver 2.5 days and were so polite, on time and left the rooms as clean as they found them . They actually left the attic tidier! It was a costly system compared to PIV, but we would get the same system and use the dwelling doctors again without hesitation.
We have been working with Click Return for a number of years now and they initially came to help us with our PPC advertising. We already had it set up, but we didn’t think it was working as well as it should, so we asked them to go through it and see how it could be improved.When Brad went through it, we realised that we were actually wasting around 40% of our budget on terms that were not related to PCB Manufacture – something we obviously wanted fixing straight away! Brad rectified this and then installed tracking onto our website so we were able to see where our conversions were happening.This was helpful because we could now see where our visitors were coming from and which key words worked/didn’t work for us.Following on from this, we realised our site could be performing much better so we asked Click Return. Search Engine Optimisation was the answer and they began to optimise our pages to improve our site numbers and ultimately generate more organic traffic.The new site went live in April 2015 and we have seen a fantastic increase in business. Brad recently came to our factory and spent time filming me at various stages of our production process so that the videos could be uploaded throughout the next six months, which means that there will be new content on the site regularly without us having to worry about it – we can just get on with what we do best.From day one, we have had a first-rate working relationship with the team at Click Return and feel our requests are always handled promptly and efficiently, whether that be creating a Christmas message for our site, removing information that is out of date or answering all of our queries regarding our PPC.We would highly recommend Click Return to any company wanting to increase their online presence and get more customers!
I dipped my toe in the water with Brad with the SEO of my previous website and later hired Click Return to also handle my Google Adwords. When I was ready to update my website they were the natural choice to create it.Brad advised on a WordPress template site that gave me the look I wanted but without the high costs of a bespoke site. I don’t think that anyone ever realises that it isn’t a bespoke site. I have had so many compliments from prospective clients about the website telling me that’s the reason they picked up the phone. I like to think some of that is the photographs of my work! However, I know it’s also to do with the way the site looks and functions. In it’s first year it brought a return that was many times my investment and it has done so every year since.The Click Return team have helped us learn to add to and change the website in house. This gives us control of the basic every day maintenance and means we only need to get the “big guns” in for the hard stuff.In regular phone/on-line meetings Brad advises and guides us with SEO and Adwords so things keep going the way that we need them to. Thanks Brad and Click Return.
Response from the owner: Hi Sam,Thank you for your lovely review.Your website does look great. Which as a process is always made so much easier when the client supplies stunning photos and the photos of your lighting designs are professionally taken and they look gorgeous.Because of the high quality images your website gets a great conversion rate from your SEO and high Google rankings, around 3% which is great.Thanks again.Brad
As an IT Consultant, I have dealt with a multitude of SEO and web analytic related companies but none have impressed me as much as Brad.He has a full and in-depth understanding of this critical aspect of business marketing and has helped dramatically improve the fortunes of many of our mutual clients.Brad mixes an absolute knowledge of his chosen business sector with an easy, approachable manner which results in the perfect combination for anyone requiring specialist SEO and web analysis.I would have no hesitation in recommending Brad in this sphere of business.Jonathan Mann - BlueCircle IT
We Recommend Brad and Clickreturn 100%! Before we used their services, a few enquiries would come in to the website and we had no idea how they found us.Now with the correct tracking in place, we understand what brings customers to us & we focus on the marketing that works the best.We now get more than double the enquiries we used to through our website and our 'new client' list is growing by the day.
We recently decided to use Click Return to help us boost our presence in the serviced office industry, and we are so pleased the results. They have been a pleasure to work with and have done an excellent job helping us develop our website and online strategy. Their expertise in websites, SEO and Google Ads have been invaluable in helping us reach our goals.The team at Click Return certainly know their stuff.Highly recommended!
Brad is a great Marketing teacher. I first arrived at Click Return as an apprentice and was given a first-class education in digital marketing. Since then my role within the company grew and so did my learning. I owe Brad a solemn thank you for all that he has done for me. Any potential apprentice looking to kick-start their career in digital marketing would be well served with Brad as a manager and teacher.
I’ve done business with Clickreturn for some time now and can thoroughly recommend Brad and his team.They are professional and reliable, and extremely approachable, so I would have no trouble in recommending Clickreturn to develop your website.We particularly like how complex details are so readily and easily explained which, in the Air Conditioning industry, we particularly appreciate.
Response from the owner: HI Ken,Thank you so much for the review. With you as an Air Conditioning Company working in the Herts, Beds & London areas we know that your industry is really competitive. So guiding you as to the best ways to improve your website and online marketing is what we love to do.Thanks againBrad
Have worked alongside Bradley from Click Return for almost a year now and what a great experience we have had. His knowledge and expertise shows and his passion for what he does is proven by the results we have received. Would highly recommend Click Return!
Response from the owner: Hi Mark,Thank you. It is always a pleasure to help a company that is serious about growth to achieve this. So advising you on the best way for your website design to convert more customers was readily received & actioned.Thanks again.Brad
A great person to do business with
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the feedback.We take pride in understanding a businesses goals and then guiding a business owner as to the best way to achieve these with their Website and Online Marketing.ThanksBrad
Brad is very good at what he does. Lots and lots of great information to help get more business through your website and continued review and advice.
Brad and his team are excellent from start to finish. When it comes to anything google related Click Return are the company to use. I highly recommend them
Response from the owner: HI Mark, We are really pleased with the look and results from your the new Website Design and this before we have started the Google Ads. Can't wait to see how your site helps your company grow when we get all your marketing ducks in a row.Thanks againBrad
Great website design company to deal with. Highly recommend!
The advice that Brad gives is terrific - so insightful but relevant so you can totally understand why he gets the results he does.
Response from the owner: HI Sam,As a Business Coach you know how essential Good Advice is to your customers.As an Online Marketing Agency we are very similar to you, in that our customers do not understand what is best for them, so we pride ourselves on giving the very best marketing advice.Thanks Brad
Click return have built my website and are managing my PPC, great people to work with and a excellent service.
Response from the owner: HI Daniel,We are really pleased with the look of your new website design. The website is already converting and producing new business enquiries for Electric Car Charging Point Installation.We look forward to seeing these results get even better over the next few months as you get more reviews and case studies on the website.CheersBrad
Excellent company to work alongside, does exactly what is said would be done.
A company who genuinely cares about the clients they help and produces amazing websites which increased traffic to my website. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to increase business via Google and enhance their SEO
I had a great experience working with the team at Click Return. They were friendly and listened carefully to my aims and objectives. Working in a collaboratively, they helped to design and create a website that met my needs both for now and in future. The team is creative and has high levels of expertise in the web development, SEO and other digital services. I would highly recommend them as a company to use!!
Response from the owner: Hi Iyabo,Thank you so much. Stuart really enjoyed working on your Website Design. You were very specific in your design requirements and the website he produced matches that perfectly.He also enjoyed customising your site to make it super easy for you to update your marketing portfolio yourself.Thanks again.Brad
Brad and his amazing team, designed a website for my company. Super service, highly recommend
Response from the owner: Hi Stephen,Thank you so much for the review, we are really happy with the final result, the website design looks really great.We're excited to see how many enquiries it generates when we switch on the PPC advertising.ThanksBrad
Brad & his team have been super efficient and their hard work has helped us dramatically expand our database. They have great ideas to improve the effectiveness of our advertising and are on hand to make any specific tweaks!
Response from the owner: Thanks Daniel,We are really pleased with the performance of your Google ads in attracting people to register for market research. The initial results of your PPC were underwhelming with a 2% conversion rate but we quickly helped you to redesign you landing pages and your online advertising now has a fantastic 10% conversion rate.
Great Digital Marketing Course on Google my Business with Brad. He is really knowledgeable about all things google-related and gave some great tips which I can use to improve my google business listing. Thanks very much Brad. Would highly recommend!
Response from the owner: HI Clare,Thank you. Even though we build websites Google is our thing, especially Google ads, SEO and Google Analytics.My other personal passion is teaching others, so I really enjoy running the courses where I can help businesses avoid costly marketing mistakes and plan for their business for flourish.Thanks again.Brad
Though I was only able to attend one session of their Business Marketing Course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I will be taking part in another course I'm sure of it!
Response from the owner: HI George,Photos, photos, photos. You take amazing photos. So glad that just by attending a 1 hour course on how to improve your Google My Business listing you all of a sudden where getting found by local companies looking for a Photographer.My pleasure to help.CheersBrad
Well presented and excellent content. Brad made digital marketing very easy to understand even to a beginner !!
The best hour of training I've ever had, Bradley Bishop really knows his stuff, digital marketing course , at it bestClick return we like you a lot
Free 6 weeks digital marketing course hosted by Bradley Bishop was what I needed as I was building a website and wanted to understand more about digital marketing. I gained a lot attending and I highly recommend this course. Brad is a professional with good knowledge of the digital marketing.
Response from the owner: Thanks again Rence for being a part of our course, we're happy that you managed to take away valuable knowledge, and hope you can implement what you learned into your business.
Hi Brad... great to attend the free digital marketing course with Brad. really helpful and full of very insightful actionable learnings. Thank you!!!
Response from the owner: HI Ayo, It was a great digital marketing course and thank you for being so interactive during the 6 weeks. I know that the keyword analysis and the workbooks on how to use them on your pages will really help you build a better more profitable new website.
Great to attend the free digital marketing course with Brad and Click Return. Lots to learn and adjust on my website.
Response from the owner: Thanks Rowley. Great to know that the free keyword research and analysis was your best learning from the course.
Bradley is a star! Ran a 6 week course, was very informative and then took time to do a 1-2-1 session with me and offered lots of great insight.I would recommend his services to all business owners
Response from the owner: HI Jason,It was a good marketing course. Glad to help you understand how to format your new website which you are currently working on and how to focus on reviews and testimonials to improve the number of loans you provide.Thanks again.Brad
The 6 week free digital marketing course with Bradley was a full package that should not be missed. I was able to understand things that will help my business grow. I am particularly so happy that I joined this free course and can recommend it anyone wanting to learn more about their business in any way.
Response from the owner: HI Gloria,Thanks you were a really positive bunch so the 6 week digital marketing course just flew by. I know the content about search engine optimisation will help you get more visitors to your fashion and handbag selling website. Good luck with it.Brad
Really helpful support and advice from Bradley and his team. Would recommend attending their online digital marketing course for easy tips on changes to make to your website and social media posts that make a real impact.
Response from the owner: Thanks Kate, it was really nice having you on the course.
Brad and the team at Click Returns have been so thorough and amazing! They take the time to explain the reasons behind doing each step of the 6 week digital marketing course, they explain perspectives in ways that resonate with each business entrepreneur and they went the extra mile to sift out key words and SEO fit for my business Smoothie-Cubes.Looking forward to implementing the wealth of knowledge they gave me!
Response from the owner: Thanks Sno, we're happy that you were able to take with you some valuable information to help improve your business!
Such an eye opening course!!! And so much value. Bradley really knows how stuff works inside and out. I am hungry for more. Previous courses seem to be more taylored to selling services but this suits everyone. I have an online shop with polymer clay jewellery and resin, handmade in UK and now at last I have a starting point. He remains the specilist though
Response from the owner: Hi Lidia,You were a great and interactive audience which makes running these Free Online Marketing Courses so much more enjoyable, so thank you for that.It was also good to help you identify your target SEO keywords like "handmade clay and resin jewellery" so you can include these in the content throughout your website.
If you are new to SEO or Google analytics, this 6 week programme is for you! Fabulous tips and how to optimise your own websites. A real eye opener….this will certainly help me for customers to find my business and order their unique bespoke celebration cakes.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the positive feedback. The digital marketing course went really well and you were really interactive, asking and answering questions throughout, which makes the course much more engaging for all.

Make the Right Decision

Are you worried about being tied down to a long term Digital Marketing contract?
We don’t believe in tying customers down to a long term contract which is why you have full control over your marketing. You can pause or stop at any time.


Freedom and Flexibility: You're in Control of Your Digital Marketing Investment

At Click Return, we understand that commitment shouldn't feel like confinement. That's why we take a different approach to digital marketing. We believe in building trust and delivering results, not locking you into long-term contracts.

Here's what that means for you:

  • Full Control: You're in charge of your digital marketing investment. We'll work closely with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals and budget. But ultimately, the decision to pause, adjust, or even stop your campaigns is entirely yours.
  • Flexibility for Changing Needs: The business landscape is dynamic. Your marketing needs may evolve over time. With us, you have the freedom to adapt your digital strategy as your business grows or priorities shift. No need to feel stuck in a plan that no longer serves you.
  • Focus on Performance: Our success hinges on yours. There's no incentive for us to keep campaigns running if they're not delivering results. We'll work tirelessly to optimise your campaigns and provide transparent reporting so you can see the impact your investment is making.
  • Building Trust Through Transparency: We believe in open communication. You'll have full access to campaign data and performance metrics, allowing you to stay informed and make informed decisions.

This commitment to flexibility isn't just about convenience – it's about fostering a true partnership. We want you to be confident in your digital marketing investment, knowing that you're in control and getting the most value out of your budget.

Ready to take charge of your digital marketing journey? Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Are you worried that you will not get the quality of marketing services you deserve?
We completely understand fears regarding the quality of marketing service that you will get. That’s why we made it a priority to attain Google Partner Status which means we have demonstrated Google Ads skills and expertise, met Google ad spending requirements, delivered company, agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown our client base. You can be assured your marketing will be in safe hands.


Google Partner Status: Expertise You Can Trust

We get it. Handing over the reins of your digital marketing can feel daunting. There's a natural concern about the quality of service you'll receive. At Click Return, we take that concern seriously. That's why we've gone the extra mile to achieve Google Partner Status – a badge of honour that signifies our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

What exactly does Google Partner Status mean for you?

  • Proven Skills and Knowledge: Our team has demonstrably mastered Google Ads. We've passed rigorous Google certifications, ensuring we stay up-to-date on the latest strategies and best practices to maximise your campaign performance.
  • Meeting High Standards: We've not only met, but exceeded, Google's ad spend requirements. This demonstrates our commitment to investing in successful campaigns for our clients.
  • Delivering Growth: Our Google Partner Status reflects our track record of driving positive results. We've helped companies, agencies, and individual clients achieve significant revenue growth.
  • Building Long-Term Partnerships: We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients. Our Google Partner Status signifies our commitment to sustained client growth and a strong client base.

By choosing a Google Partner like Click Return, you're gaining access to a team with the knowledge, experience, and resources to create and execute winning digital marketing campaigns. We don't just manage ads – we drive strategic growth.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Data-Driven Approach: We leverage Google's powerful analytics tools to gain insights into your target audience and optimise campaigns for maximum return on investment.
  • Transparency and Communication: We believe in open communication. You'll always be kept informed of campaign performance and have a direct line to our team of experts.
  • Customisation for Your Needs: We understand that every business is unique. We'll tailor a Google Ads strategy that aligns with your specific goals and target audience.
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement: The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. We're dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and continuously refining our skills to ensure your campaigns remain competitive.

Don't settle for uncertainty in your digital marketing. Choose a Google Partner and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your campaigns are in expert hands.

Are you worried about the cost of your marketing?
Firstly it’s our firm belief that marketing is not a cost, it’s an investment. Secondly, we will conduct extensive market research which will give you a realistic forecasted spend and ROI for your budget, before you have spent anything. Finally, we will quickly be able to test and measure marketing performance and make recommendations to reduce wasted spend and optimise your marketing.


Digital Marketing Redefined: Investing for Growth, Not Just Spending

Here at Click Return, we see marketing differently. It's not just about spending – it's about investing in the future of your business. We're committed to maximising your return on investment (ROI) with a data-driven approach that minimises wasted spend and optimises your digital marketing efforts.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Investment Mindset: We believe digital marketing is an investment in brand awareness, customer acquisition, and ultimately, business growth. We'll work with you to define clear goals and develop strategies that deliver measurable results.
  • Forecasting for Success: Before you commit a penny, we conduct in-depth market research to understand your target audience and competitive landscape. This allows us to create a realistic forecast of your marketing spend and the potential ROI you can expect.
  • Data-Driven Optimisation: We don't believe in guesswork. Our team utilises cutting-edge analytics tools to track and measure campaign performance in real-time. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and optimise your campaigns quickly to reduce wasted spend and maximise your impact.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Transparent Reporting: You'll have full access to campaign data and performance metrics, allowing you to stay informed and track your progress towards achieving your goals.
  • Regular Communication: We believe in open communication. Our team will provide regular updates and insights, ensuring you're always in the loop and have the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Agile Adjustments: The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. We have the flexibility to quickly adapt and adjust your campaigns based on data and market trends, ensuring your marketing spend is always working for you.

Don't let digital marketing feel like a gamble. Partner with Click Return and experience the power of data-driven marketing that prioritises growth and optimises your investment.

Why Choose Click Return

450,000+ Conversionson Google Ads
We have been helping our clients achieve online success for 20 years through paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and creating new websites. Our efforts have helped our clients generate a combined conversion value of £24.1 million so you can be reassured we know what we are doing!
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Based on 47 reviews

We are driven by the success of our clients, and sit regular Google exams to maintain our Google Partner status, ensuring all clients generate a big return! Don't just take our word for it though, we have plenty of client testimonials on our website which we encourage you to see.
Our Promise
At Click Return we are passionate about good marketing and believe all clients should make money online. That's why we promise quality digital marketing services that will actually make you money. We are confident about upholding this promise and don't believe in tying any client down to long term contracts.