FREE Google and social media seminar!

FREE Google and social media seminar!

Click Return are once again taking part in some more seminars following the success of similar ones in Cockfosters, Welwyn Garden City, Guernsey and Essex.

The free Google and social media seminarGoogle and social media seminar takes place this Friday takes place this coming Friday (3rd March) at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club, from 9:30am – 11:30am with a further two planned for later in the month in Guernsey and Jersey.

Friday’s speakers are two experts from Google – Will Levitt and Andrew Bruce – Click Return Director Brad Bishop and ActionCOACH John Cottrell. Between them, they will be discussing and informing delegates of how they can use Google and social media to improve the conversion rate of their website.

What will I learn on the Google and social media seminar?

When booking your place on our Google and social media seminar, you can expect to learn about how you can put your business in front of the customers who are ready to buy, how to improve your search engine positions, how to tie your website and social media together as well as how to build a business to cope with all these new enquiries as well as a whole host of unmissable information.

We have had some really positive feedback from our past seminars with people putting what they have learnt into practise straight away. Book your FREE place on Friday’s seminar today and discover how to make the most of your marketing budget!

Another Google exam pass for Brad

Another Google exam pass for Brad

Google exam success for Brad

There have been celebrations in the office this week when Brad Bishop, Director of Click Return, passed yet another Google exam.

To keep his Google certification, Brad must pass specific exams twice a year to confirm his specific skills and knowledge. This particular exam was in Search Advertising and Brad had to demonstrate his knowledge of the “best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the Search Network”.

 Passing the exams ensures Click Return keeps its Google Partner status. When you are looking for a company to deal with your web marketing, a Google Certified company can be worth their weight in gold. Take a look at these reasons why you should use a Google Certified company.

Google continues to learn, improve and change the way it works – some changes you will notice and others you will not. InGoogle exam success for Brad the same way, Search Advertising is always developing so it is imperative that our team keeps on top of these changes so they continue to provide the high quality service you have come to expect from Click Return.


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How can I improve my website conversion rate?

A good testimonil page can increase a website conversion rate

How can I improve my website conversion rate?

Picture this – you have used a big chunk of your marketing budget to improve your website (or give your company a web presence) and to ultimately increase your company’s website conversion rate. It looks fantastic, really enhances your brand’s identity and informs your customers of everything they need to know about who you are and what you do. However, there is a problem…your website is not converting the customers you expected it to and you are concerned that your website is not performing the way you wanted it to. What do you do??

Instead of scratching your heads pondering why your site isn’t converting any customers, take a look below and see how we suggest you improve your website conversion rate:

Create a testimonials page – often overlooked, testimonials are a great way of letting your potential customers know what a fantastic service they would receive from you. It is vital that your page looks believable – use a picture of the writer and/or their company logo if relevant. If it was handwritten, scan it and use it on the page, or print out the email they sent. This makes each testimonial more convincing and is more likely to encourage people to use your company, ultimatley increasing your website conversion rate.

Where should my testimonials page go? Ideally, your testimonials page should be on the top level navigation and just before your CONTACT tab. This makes it easier for visitors to your site to find and shows them that you want to see what other people say about you. You care enough to ask for feedback from your customers – care enough to make sure other people can see what they have to say!

Can I see some examples of ‘good’ testimonial pages? We have helped a number of our customers improve their testimonial pages by either advising them on it or creating and updating them ourselves and they have seen their conversion rates increase since doing them. Take a look at some of these perfect examples and see how you could make your reviews increase your website’s conversion rate:

Bing exam pass for Click Return



Bing exam pass for Click Return

The team at Click Return never stop learning, keeping ahead of the game to give you the best service you could want. Director, Brad Bishop demonstrated this yesterday when he took and passed a Bing exam.

Brad passed his Bing certification exam to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, which means when you use Click Return for your Bing advertising, you will be getting even more froClick Return Director, Bradley Bishop, passed his Bing exam yesterdaym your marketing budget.

To pass the Bing exam, Brad had to master both the basics and advanced features of Bing, showing that he understood how Bing Ads work, including how to optimise Bing ad campaigns proficiently, keyword match options, as well as Ad extensions and Product Ads. The exam contains 100 questions and he had to get 80% to pass and gain his accreditation.

Bing is the search engine owned and operated by Microsoft and it has replaced the company’s previous search engines, MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.

Brad now holds a Bing Ads Accredited Professional status for one year, when he will need to sit the exam again.

Yesterday also saw Brad take another Google accreditation exam where he demonstrated expertise in search advertising, proving his impressive search ad skills. As with Bing, to keep your Google accreditation, you must resit your exam every year.

Increased sales from expanded ads

Size matters with Google’s expanded ads

In the summer, we told you about how Google were changing their Pay-Per-Click ads when they finally launched their highly anticipated expanded ads.Expanded ads from Google

It’s been over two months now since the larger PPC ads came into force and since we updated our PPC customers’ adverts to ensure they were getting the most out of the new format which took time as we became familiar with the changes ourselves. We have begun to look at the new adverts and compare them to how the old adverts performed and so far, the results have been positive. We have seen:

  • 4% increase in Click Through Rate

  • 4% less going to a competitor’s site

  • 4% more sales

As you can see, the new format has been an effective change for our customers and we are confident that these improved performances will only continue.

If you think your business could benefit from our advice on your PPC campaign, or if you want to see an increase in your business sales through PPC, then get in touch with Click Return today.


Upcoming Marketing Seminars

A representative from Google will often attend the marketing seminarsActionCoach coaches host the marketing seminars

Online Marketing Seminars

As well as creating vibrant websites, dealing with Google Adwords, looking at how your website’s performance can be improved and putting together email marketing, Click Return also spend time attending marketing seminars with other industry experts to teach you how you can increase your online presence and make your company more profitable.

We work with ActionCoach and when you attend one of these events, you will be in the company of like-minded business people who are keen to learn more and take their businesses to the next step. We often have an expert from Google attending, who discusses with you the details of a user’s journey throughout your site before making their purchase. 

We have recently held seminars in Cockfosters, Welwyn Garden City and Guernsey and are heading to Essex and back to Welwyn for our next two.

We have had some really positive feedback from customers who have attended these seminars, many of which put into action some of the advice they were given straight away.

Join us at one of our future seminars and discover the potential your business could have and make the most of your website.

Find out more about our upcoming seminars.

Google makes it harder for small companies to compete

Google makes it harder for small companies to compete

Google Seller Ratings have changed
How an advert would look when a company has received enough positive reviews.

Recent weeks have seen Google make changes to the way the Google Seller Ratings (GSR) work, keeping business on their toes and ultimately making it harder, but not impossible, for small businesses to compete.

To qualify for your GSR to appear alongside your PPC adverts, you previously needed to have received 30 unique reviews in the past 12 months with a score of 3.5/5 or above. With the new changes, however, businesses are required to have 150 of these reviews in a 12 month period – a massive and daunting increase, more so for smaller companies who may not complete anywhere near the number of transactions larger companies do.


If gaining 150 reviews is possible for your business, then the star rating could really help you stand out from the crowd, encouraging more potential customers to  click on your pay-per-click advert, ultimately reducing your cost-per-click. The Google Seller Ratings can be found on Google and review sites and potential customers know they can trust the quality of those reviews. In addition, so many positive reviews can certainly improve a company’s reputation.  However, such a vast amount of reviews will no doubt seem impossible for a smaller company and may demoralise even the most accommodating and helpful organisation.

Google have given some suggestions and recommendations for businesses to increase the number of customers who leave reviews:

  1. give your customers excellent service;

  2. provide exceptional service on the phone/email/chat etc;

  3. offer great speed and quality shipping;

  4. read your reviews and be proactive with any negative feedback.

Using this advice does not guarantee a customer leaving a review, of course, although it could encourage them to use you again and recommend you to others.

Click Return are aware of the concern our customers may have with the Google Seller Ratings changes and the effect they may have on their online transactions. We use two of the world’s largest online review companies to gain reviews for our customers and they are also trusted by many well-known companies. These review sites are also on Google’s trusted list of review companies. Contact us today and see how we can make it easier to request reviews from your customers.

Further updates and changes are expected from Google within the next 12 months although it is unclear what these will be. However, we will keep you updated when these are rolled out and be there to assist and advise to keep you one step ahead.

Why choose a Google certified company?

Why choose a Google certified company?

There are many web marketing companies who may sound like they know what they are talking about, yet they have little interest in actually helping their customers and have no focus on your site actually working for you. When your website is marketed properly, you really will reap the rewards and using a Google certified company, such as Click Return, will only improve those rewards even more.

Certifications demonstrate experience and knowledge and Google ensure a company has this in abundance before bestowing them their certifications – and they also expect this to be demonstrated every year to allow a company to keep their Google Partner status.

Take a look at why you should use a Google certified company

5 reasons why you should use a Google certified company to manage your AdWords


  1. They have access to special events, training, research and products, ensuring that they provide their clients with the best and most up to date service possible;

  2. Advice they give you is based purely on how Google is currently working and what it is expecting from websites and their marketing;

  3. To earn Google Partner status, you need to know what you are talking about – the exams are not the easiest to pass;

  4. Google keep a close eye on their Partners to ensure they manage their customer’s accounts properly – if Google is happy, you know you will be with the outcome;

  5. They have their own expert at Google who is there to answer any queries they may have, ensuring you get the best service you could possible get.

To be certified and gain Google Partner status, Google rates the company and its employees as being one of the best in the industry – and so should you. You work hard for your business, surely your website deserves that level of expertise? Contact Click Return today and see how we could help your company.

Unaccredited web companies fail to deliver

Unaccredited web companies fail to deliver

At Click Return, we love what we do – creating engaging and effective websites, increasing your website’s traffic and developing your web presence long after your website has Unaccredited web companies fail to gain Google Partner statusbeen built through search engine optimisation and Pay Per Click campaigns.

Our team work tirelessly to stay ahead of the game so our customers can be confident that the advice and suggestions we give them are well-informed and based on what both the search engines and their customers are looking for. This is why, unlike many of our competitors, we are Google certified, ensuring our valued customers receive the best service they could possibly get.

As a company, we find it frustrating when businesses approach us because the company they currently use aren’t delivering what they said they would. Unaccredited web companies will fail to deliver what they say they will as setting yourself up as a web marketing company takes a lot more than knowing what makes a website look good. Talking the talk to someone who does not know how the search engines work may seem easy enough and make a company some money, but if your talk cannot deliver, then you will inevitably end up with infuriated customers who will look elsewhere. Many companies do not truly understand how the processes work together and this leads to disappointing results for their customers.

We recently spoke with a company who’d had a new website built – it looked great and would really encourage people to use them. However, such a website is no good if those potential customers can’t find it when they are searching Google for their services. Their biggest keyword was being paid for, yet it wasn’t even used on their homepage! At Click Return, we pride ourselves on offering the whole package – from the design and build of your website should you need it, to the content, search engine optimisation and PPC campaigns to get the customers coming to you. When done well, all these factors work together to offer your company a great service and unbeatable potential for your online presence.

That is why it is vital that you use a Google certified company, like Click Return – we have to prove to Google each year that we are up to date with what is going on in the industry and that we know what we are doing well enough to pass an exam in it each year.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you make your website a money making asset.

Google launch expanded PPC ads

Google launch expanded PPC ads


Last week (Tuesday 26th July) saw some exciting changes to Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, with their highly anticipated expanded ads finally being launched. Revealed in the spring, advertisers have been anxiously awaiting the launch from Google to see what it will mean to businesses and to begin to evaluate the best way of utilising the larger ads.

What do the expanded PPC ads include?

Previously, PPC ads included a Headline with 25 characters, Description 1 and Description 2, both with 35 characters each so every ad had 95 characters available to get their message across.

Now, the ads include two Headlines consisting of 30 characters each and a much larger Description of 80 characters, providing advertisers with 45 more characters to use.

With the URL displayed on an the ad, two additional fields of 15 characters each can be used, reassuring users that clicking on it will take them to a specific landing page relevant to what they were searching for, potentially increasing an ad’s click through rate (CTR).

Has anything else changed?

PPC adverts now need to be written for all devices – smart phones, tables, laptops – and the ad will display automatically based on the device the user is using. Due to this, it is important that ads are written so that any call to action included makes sense whatever device the user is accessing the ad from.

Initial reports suggest that when Google’s new expanded PPC ads are written well, it could see a large increase in the click through rate (CTR) for an advert. With the changes, it will be a case of seeing what works and doesn’t work and tweaking ads until you find what works. Using keywords in these additional fields will also improve your ads quality score, ultimately reducing your cost per click (CPC).