A/B Testing

Measurably Increase Profits

Deliver an improved customer experience

A/B testing is the surest way to increase the conversion rate and profitability of your website.

A/B testing (or split testing) is part of the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process. That is the process of identifying, testing and improving barriers and opportunities for conversion.

What is A/b Testing

A/B testing allows you to split traffic on your website so that different visitors see different versions of a web page. The actions of visitors that land on version A and version B of your web page are closely monitored for conversion rate and other performance metrics. Once we can say with confidence that a particular version yields a higher conversion rate, we can divert all future visitors to that version.

A tangible return on investment

An simple choice of conversion rate for an e-commerce site is the number of sales per 100 visits. If the site has an average of 2 sales per hundred visits, your conversion rate is 2%. Raising this conversion rate from 2% to just 2.5% would mean a 25% increase in sales. This increase in conversion rate is readily achievable with well-designed A/B tests.

What to test

We spend time getting to know your organisation, customers and products to design tests with the highest potential. Elements that are typically tested include:

  • The call to action’s message, style and placement
  • The wording and tone of headlines and product descriptions
  • Form’s length and types of fields
  • Layout and style of website
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell
  • Pricing and promotional offers
  • Images on landing and product pages
  • Length of content and text on the page

Learn more about your customers

The analysis carried out during the testing phase can reveal advantageous information about potential customers. Different visitor types may prefer different content. This knowledge can be used to create a personalised customer experience, increasing average order values and repeat business.